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Macro to set waypoints

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This used to work.

/waypoint addati bee ~0 ~0 ~0 red bees

I've tried all kinds of variants to no avail. The closest I got was placing a black dot called "red bees". Using #FF0000 in lieu of red does not work at all. Reply on console says "Color may be a known .net color or hex number."

Any suggestions?

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Thanks. I never tried booleans. I assumed that parameter was optional, either the word "pinned" or blank. After all, it worked that way before, in 1.16.


Incidentally, maybe a note on the wiki page that "pinned" is boolean would be in order, whomever has edit privs? Thanks!


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Why the hack, I see a circle and not a pickaxe? here are my Macro Code for coppper


  "Index": 5,
  "Code": "-CU-",
  "Name": "-CU-",
  "Commands": [
    "/waypoint addati wppick ~0 ~0 ~0 false red -CU-"
  "KeyCombination": {
    "KeyCode": 85,
    "SecondKeyCode": null,
    "Ctrl": false,
    "Alt": true,
    "Shift": false

please help

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1 hour ago, BenLi said:

do we have any vocabulary for the icons vs their names?

The one here is the correct one? https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php/VTML

And the colors vs their names? Supposedly this one is at https://www.99colors.net/dot-net-colors . Right?

I've not tested a whole lot of them because I generally play without map. Looking at that page, just trimming off the "wp" and going with lower case has always worked so far. I didn't even know there was a list of icon names. I just guessed what I thought they would be called, based on some rather limited information about setting waypoints. I'd have never come up with "wpIcon"...

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