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Nutrition should decrease hunger rate


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As I understand it, the correct state of how nutrition work is that you get increased health the more diverese your food consumption is.

Instead of having high values of nutrition increase health i strongly suggest it should instead or also decrease hunger rate.

Increased health

  • Only beneficial if the player are taking damage or expect/plan to take damage.
  • If spending time building (as an example, not taking damage) this buff is useless
  • Player doesnt have to think about different foods to eat if player is not going to take damage
  • Nutrition/different food many times useless for the player. Could just eat the same thing over and over again if not planning to take damage (doing something passive)

Decreased hunger rate

  • Beneficial to the player no matter what the player is doing
  • If spending time building the player is still getting benefits from this since the player does not have to eat as often
  • Blackguards would love this
  • Everyone benifts from this all the time everywhere
  • Gives player a reason to think about different foods to eat
  • Nutrition/different food always useful to think about for the player since not having to eat as often gives more time doing other useful stuff
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