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Temporal Fridge



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Multiplayer has a significant issue of time passing while only one person is on. This leads to the issue of many people logging on during winter with no food. With fishing not being in the game yet, I think a good feature would be for a 'temporal fridge' block a player could store food in for later that has an extremely low/no decay modifier in exchange for a temporal gear/new items from 1.18. I believe there are two choices that prevent this mechanic from being unfairly exploited. The first is a clone of the current crock system where once sealed, unsealing would remove the decay reduction, "wasting" the gear. The second is a timer that has to countdown before the player can open the container, measured in months; This would prevent the block from just being used as a rich players endgame minifridge. Both options would burn at least one temporal gear, and for balimage.png.96b76b28c712f718dfe2ad8788f38548.pngance reasons the block would have 2-6 item slots.



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Good suggestion.


Yet we have mini-cellar available in the game: any partial block covering the vessels' block. You don't need this mega-vessel to have a mini-cellar.


So the mechanics can be simpler:

Lock the mini-cellar as you lock the entrance above charcoal pit - with timer. With short enough timer to stay in the vicinity of the mini-cellar (at least less than xlocator activation time).

If the player stays in the game and in ticking distance of the container - the timer runs out, the mini-cellar is not locked, and the container becomes usual container such as vessel, chest or basket.

If the player leaves the ticking distance of the container while still be in the server - the lock timer is canceled, and consequently there's no lock. This case is extreme as the timer should be short enough to prevent this.

If the player leaves the server, the block is locked up and doesn't update the decay (not listed in the list of periodically updated items).

Once the player re-enters the server - the game checks whether there're any locks belonging to the player in close vicinity, and unlocks them.

If a player enters chunks with blocks locked by him and reloads - which is nuisance and exploit of some kind - the container is destroyed and disappears with all contents.

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