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  1. Alcyonaria

    Class survey

    The reason clockmaker was so great, is because you got the movement benefit of hunter, with no negatives outside of direct melee combat. Which isn't a threat because you're either tanking nightmares with steel plate, or not getting hit at all. However, since the combat nerf got changed from melee damage to ALL damage, rendering spears nerfed too. Clockmaker has no reason to exist as of now. Blackguard is unfortunately the only class worth picking outside of tailor for fashion.
  2. Alcyonaria

    Class survey

    I seem to be in a huge minority for clockmaker being the best class. Even though it has huge benefits with very little downsides.
  3. Bit overpowered, but lovely aesthetics.
  4. When can we expect to see cactus propagation?
  5. An absolute hero, thank you so much.
  6. Think about the gears as pieces to a puzzle.
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