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Compressed Stone


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Small recipe mod for storage convenience to not use up chestslots.

Lets you craft 9 Stones you mine into a compressed variant.


If you need them for anything you can recraft them easily.



Maximum stacksize for now is 256


If thats not enough for you, you are definitly mining to much!

If anyone can come up with a better model iam all ears for it.^



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Thanks for this! Is there anything else you might make compressed versions of? What version of VS is this for? The recipe does not work for 1.9.12, which is what I am on due to the Neolithic Mod not being up to the latest version.

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It was made in 1.9.14. I dont know anything other then maybe dirt to compress if you have ideas, tell me.

I will check for a compatibility to neolihic.

Edit: seems like there was a packing bug, redownload it should work now.

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