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  1. Thankyou! I can't wait to play the latest version of your mod. I have liked it so far, and fixing the fish issue is very much appreciated!
  2. I have the Compatibility Lib mod installed. From the sounds of it. There has yet to be a solution that would make the two mods compatible.
  3. I was able to pin point the exact mod that was conflicting with yours. XSkills 0.4.9 by Xandu I am not sure how to proceed. If I should be talking to you, or if I need to discuss this with Xandu for a possible fix. That is if it can be solved. I have no idea on the complexity of such things, and that is why I am glad to have dedicated people like you do things I can't. To elaborate when XSkills is enabled. The farm blocks disappear as if your mod was not enabled. Even when the nutrients are at there full capacity. When I turn XSkills off, I get the soil back as intended by your mod.
  4. I really appreciate the amount of support Tyron shows for the mod community. This is why I love Vintage Story as much as I do.
  5. @copygirlNow that 1.14.8 is out, would you please update the mod? It is not working in 1.14.8 stable. So I am just guessing that there were changes that broke something. Thankyou!
  6. I am sure Aira will be thrilled, as well as everyone else who uses this mod.
  7. It has happened at least twice now within the last 10 hours of game play. https://pastebin.com/mg0jAAAN
  8. Has this mod stopped working in the latest versions of Vintage Story? It ceases to work for me anymore.
  9. Thanks copygirl! Huh, so I can blame Aira now eh? I love watching her videos.
  10. Actually using Tabs sounds fine to me too.
  11. It would be really helpful, and keep things allot cleaner. If there were categories in the handbook. Rather than have a ever growing amount of items in one giant list. I suggest each category being a Drop-Down List. That way there is not a information overload. The search function only goes so far to filter what you want to see. I don't feel like it is enough to compensate for the current version of the game. Please consider this, and thanks for a great game!!
  12. Cjleeh

    Game Account

    No, no one here. Just a flea looking for it's next meal. What can I help you with xxDreamingAwake?
  13. Grim Dawn, Falout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Garry's Mod, many various Dragon Quest games, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X2, and I guess Final Fantasy 8 as well. More games than that, but I can't list them all.
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