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Can't Get Mods to Work Together? (Game Version 1.17.11)

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Hey everybody! So this is my first time installing mods to this game (but not to other games in general) and I'm having problems finding out which mods specifically are giving me issues here? I'll attach a screenshot of my mods folder as well as the logs because honestly... I know it's in English, but I just don't know what to do with this info or what these words mean. I'm not tech savvy by any means! 😅

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, so if you love a mystery or are taking pity then your contribution would be greatly appreciated! Conversely if you have your own "Mod Pack" suggestion for a list of mods that work with this game version instead, drop the list below and I'll check it out too! :)

Screenshot (116).png


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If you did the default install, all those mods you downloaded should be in VintagestoryData\Mods, not Vintagestory\Mods. Thing is, I think it tries to put your mod configs relative to where the mod is installed, not in an absolute directory.

Anyway, move all those zips over to VintagestoryData\Mods. Leave the game files, the ones that are not zips, right where they are. Then give it another whirl.

In the future, the easiest way to make sure you are in the right directory is to open the game, go to Mod Manager, and click on Open Mod Folder.

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The other thing is you have a massive number of mods that make sweeping changes. I'd start with a more limited set, like, looking at your modlist, A Culinary Artillery and Expanded Foods. Once you are sure that's working, add Primitive Survival and Ancient Tools. Wildcraft and Wildcraft Trees at the same time if you feel daring.

Keep in mind that Dappled Groves, Fields of Gold, and a few others are major reworks. Might want to add them to your modlist at the tail end.

Also, I see 2 versions of ACA. Sometimes things like that can cause issues. Just delete the old one. The problems I've seen, though, are where the mod config file changed, which you will have to handle manually. Either that or delete the mod config associated with ACA and let it re-create it, albeit losing whatever you might have changed. I should have been looking at this on a larger screen. The ant-poop font size is hard to read on this small screen.

And you are running the .Net7 version of CarryOn. Are you running the stable version of 1.17.11, the experimental Net7 version, 1.18 RC or what? Make sure you match the tags on Moddb to what version you are running.

And there's an odd error I've never seen. 


21.3.2023 22:01:58 [Warning] Client side assembly resolver did not find the assembly in the binary path, the lib path or the mods path. Tested for the following paths:

Now granted, this isn't the log I usually look to, but I've never seen it before.

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