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  1. Primitive Survival doesn't have a curing rack. So maybe you're referring to the the Ancient Tools curing rack or the Expanded Foods meat rack?
  2. No bows in this mod sorry - and I'm not sure which mod you are referring to. A decent fishing pole mechanic was way beyond my skillset when I started modding, although I think I could probably tackle it now...
  3. I had too many people poking at me looking for it so I dumped it back up there. ModDB has a bug so it wouldn't accept the previous version number. It is the same (latest) version and has no serious issues.
  4. That *sounds* like the conflict between Primitive Survival and the Farm Life mod. Are you also using Farm Life? Are you using the latest version of both?
  5. I know this modpack is very outdated and sadly I never got the opportunity to try it out, but I'm curious whether anyone out there had the privilege of using it when it was in its prime. I'm most curious about the Neolithic Mod and the Totems Mod. I've looked at some of the source code and it all looks impressive, but it's hard to draw conclusions based on that alone. Is there anything in these mods that you sorely miss? Is anyone involved in these mods interested in a revival of sorts? I'd love to hear a little more about the direction of this project and/or players impressions of this modpack. Thanks in advance!
  6. Glad to hear that you're back Kai. Hope everything is going well! I just wanted to second what l33tmaan said above - you guys have made some pretty amazing content that is in high demand in the VS community. So thanks for sharing it with us when you did!
  7. Still anxiously awaiting some more super-chill streaming from you and your crew Vol!
  8. Absolutely. Pretty much anything is possible. I'd consider the crafting grid, firepit, quern, and barrel to be four examples of custom crafting, and much of the C# source code for them is at your disposal. Probably all in the vssurvivalmod repository here: https://github.com/anegostudios. You might have to search a bit to track them down. The assets (.json files and images) associated with that code ships with the game of course.
  9. Did you write the patch yourself, or use modmaker.exe to automatically generate it for you? If you wrote it, you might give ModMaker 3000™ a try. If nothing else, it might provide a clue as to why your patch is not working. The executable ships with the game and is sitting in the same folder as the game's executable. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Modding:JSON_Patching
  10. I'm not terribly interested in doing this (just too many mods on the go), but I've got lots of code posted that might help someone else. The most relevant bit is here: https://github.com/SpearAndFang/primitive-survival/blob/master/PrimitiveSurvival/PrimitiveSurvival/ModSystem/item/itemcordage.cs
  11. In single player, you *could* edit your modconfig file (it talks all about that near the end of the original post). It won't increase your chance of catching that particular relic, but you could increase catch rates/frequency in general. You're looking to increase WeirTrapCatchPercent and/or decrease WeirTrapUpdateMinutes. Ice shouldn't be an issue - if you're getting other relics/statues, it's just a matter of time.
  12. Heyo! I built the shader (that eyeball shader effect) for Gox's most excellent Zoommod. https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/233 (It's not in the video, you'd have to install the mod to see it in action). Anyways, if you'd like to implement the same sort of thing (but circular) in your mod, you're more than welcome to that code.
  13. Perfect, thank you! Just to add to that, a fillet is basically the same as a piece of meat, so most everything related to cooking it is vanilla game mechanics, not the mod itself.
  14. I feel like I woulld need at least one more person to report something similar before I'd even consider it a fixable issue (or an issue with the mod itself). People are playing with so many unique setups. I'm still seeing bug reports of people losing items even in vanilla. Has it happened to you several times? Or better yet, can you recreate it?
  15. I wonder if that was a case of the fillet turning to rot during the cooking process (the expiration process begins the moment that they're on a hook or in a trap, not when you first pick them up), or if you're playing on a server, just one of many hiccups that can occur. If it's easily re-creatable, I can surely track it down. If you logout of the game and back in and it reappears, I would say it's definitely a server/client hiccup.
  16. Aww heck, I'm out of excuses. I guess I'm just going to have to fix it.
  17. So Tyron disabled that wind pushing mechanism by default, and I see that TechRabbit posted this recently: "Need people to test wind pushing", which makes me think that it's turned on (you're on his server, correct?). If so, and wind pushing is enabled, that's going to further complicate things, as I'm assuming that that was turned off by default for a reason.
  18. Seems unlikely to be my mod - That error message is referring to the vanilla survival mod (aka the game itself), not Primitive Survival.
  19. One more thing that came to mind - if you wouldn't mind - I'm assuming that you have a primitivesurvival.json file in your VintageStoryData\ModConfig folder. Could you find "RaftWaterSpeedModifier": 0.2, and change it to like 0.6 to see if it affects your player in particular? It was my understanding that those settings are all retrieved from the server and that changing it client side has no effect, but I'd sure like to confirm that. You'll have to exit the game and restart after making that change of course. Thanks for the info btw.
  20. Hmmm...could it be related to what the person is wearing? Or XSkills, does that mod muck with movement speed? Nobodies using that new movement mod I suspect. I had some people with very different computers test the speed a while back, and it doesn't appear to be machine specific (they both had exactly the same raft speed). On a related note, something dramatic changed with one of the vanilla pre-releases, which prompted me turn the raft speed way down...in hindsight, I believe it was associated with that wind affecting players change, but I'm just not sure...
  21. Can you confirm that that wind affecting players mechanism is disabled for everyone before I dig deeper? I think it was disabled by default in the latest release.
  22. Jakecool's "Useful Stuff" mod has one fyi
  23. Yes, my bad. Sorry! When I was doing some final testing of slippery fish on a trotline/limb line, I had it set to 100% slippery. And I forgot to change it back. I'll post a new release shortly. And....posted v2.6.2 on the ModDB.
  24. I have a theory: The Google execs are trying to slow down Bezos' profits so that they can get into space before him.
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