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New world generation settings


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IMHO the tooltips for the Landcover doesn't make sense. 100% would, in math terms, mean, absolutley everything is land, and nothing else. Again, Landcover scale, wich I guess is supposed to mean how much water should there be, is also set to 100% by default, and again makes no sense. How can two factors be 100%?

This is realy confusing for a new player like myself.

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I'm reasonably sure the 100% is referring to an alpha parameter to the respective term of the noise function used to generate the landform. At least that's how it works in a few other voxel games with which I'm more familiar.


Assuming that is the case, lower values would reduce the variability. Since 1.18 seems to have increased the variation in the waveform, I'd expect lowering that would get something closer to what 1.17 was.

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On 3/31/2023 at 5:41 PM, Ogi Teh yeti said:

If you hover over them they should tell you what it is. With that said IIRC landcover is how much of the map is land and not water, landcover scale is how much distance there is between land and upheaval is massive mountains I believe.

Nice one. The in-game tooltips are obtuse and make no logical sense, hence tons of posts and comments about it. The communication around worldgen is simply atrocious.

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