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Emptying (non-rot) Crockpots and Bowls


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I'd love to see the addition of a way to clear food that hasn't already rotted out of crockpots and bowls, even if it's the same way as clearing rot out of them (tossing them into water). This would be especially helpful when you've got a batch of food in your cellar that partially spoiled and no longer restoring much satiety at all, and you want to empty them out and refill them with fresh meals; or, sometimes you just want to change out for something else. Currently, the only thing that can be done is to try and eat all the food, or leave it out in the sun and wait for it to rot, so being able to just empty the old meals out would be great.

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This has already been implemented as of 1.18.0-pre.7 :) At least for pots and bowls. Unsure if it's working for crocks as well - but even if not, you can just use bowls to scoop the crocks empty and wash the bowls.

Toss them into the water like you would do with rot-filled bowls.


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