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Mod Idea? A Tisket, A Tasket, Where's my bleep-a-dee bleeping basket?!

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There are mods that highlight ores. Those mods are awesome! I wish there was one for highlighting baskets, ha ha. I keep putting down a reed chest when I get overfull and stuffing it full of stuff. And then half the time, I am so focused on what I was doing that made me overfull that I forget to set a map marker so I can find it again. Oy! Right now, all of my tooling flint is in a basket I've done this with and I want to make a hoe.I don't generally make hoes out of anything other than stone because I just don't re-hoe things that often - once a farm plot, always a farm plot.

I know this doesn't really need a mod (which is why it is here and not there) because I should just put down a waypoint so I can find my stupid basket again. grrr... on me.

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On 5/3/2023 at 12:54 PM, Maelstrom said:

You could install the carryon mod that allows you to sling that basket on your back and take it with you.

I have that. I carry 2 chests - one to put on my back and the other in my hands. The problem is I put the storage container down. Fill it with stuff. Get greedy. Set down the 2nd one. But wait. There's more stuff right next to where I was already looting. ooooo, must have. And boom, it's dark and I can't remember where I put my containers. lol. I guess I wish there were something that did automatic beacons, complete with a beam of light.

I like easy. I don't get a lot of time to play and usually have 3 other real-life things I need to be doing while I play. Thanks!

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