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Font missing for temporal storms


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Hi! I've done a search but I'm unable to find any info on which font I might be missing.

Attached is an image showing the issue. Top text is how my friend sees it and the bottom text is how I'm seeing it.

I assume I'm missing a font from my system, but does anyone know which font it is?


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I think the point is that the Zalgo text is rendering between characters instead of atop the characters. Similar issues are reported on Linux for other programs:



You're likely on Linux, and combining characters don't seem to work properly in the font used for it.

Edited by Noelle Lavenza
clarifying that the alacritty issue is not the cause
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Aha thanks for the responses!

I didn't have a name for the text, but now I know it's Zalgo and how it renders, I can see what you mean the text is showing next to each other instead of on top.

I'm on windows 10, so not sure why it's not working. I can see zalgo text in other apps like discord and chrome.

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