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Welcome to the mystical Land of Lobos,

where tales of grandeur and upheaval echo through its ancient valleys. Seventy years have passed since the tragic demise of the once-mighty Copper Empire, whose glory was tarnished by the untimely assassination of King Fur. Once an unrivaled force in the realm, the empire now exists solely as a fading legend, lost to the annals of time.

It was a cataclysmic event that shattered the empire, as flames devoured its cities, a dire consequence of rampant civil unrest and a crumbling government. Chaos took hold, disrupting the once orderly world and plunging it into anarchy. In the wake of the empire's fall, towns and villages emerged as autonomous regional kingdoms, each forming their own factions to safeguard their interests.

The lords who once held sway over the vast dominions of Copper now don the mantle of monarchs within their respective realms. The stage is set for an epic struggle, as these newly anointed rulers vie for supremacy and attempt to reunite the fractured lands of Lobos. The question remains: Who will emerge victorious? Whose reign shall endure, and who will crumble beneath the weight of ambition?

In this land of opportunity, the choice is yours to shape the destiny of Lobos. Will you seize the chance to forge a nation of cunning thieves, navigating the shadows with stealth and guile? Or will you embrace a different path, one that unites the fractured kingdoms, fostering cooperation and harmony? The power to bring the Lobos' Lands together lies in your hands. Embark on this extraordinary adventure, where legends are born and history is written.

Join us now, and let the saga unfold!!

Join our Dedicated Discordhttps://discord.gg/3SpCdsFncE

We are an International community hosting many languages such as, Russian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and many more

(Server IP: )

This is a dedicated hosted 1.8.8 server loaded with mods to spice up your let play session.

Mods included in our server 

  • Primitive Survival
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Rifle Mod
  • Better Ruins
  • More Classes
  •  Coinage
  • Sailboat
  • Chemistrylib
  • Expanded Foods
  • Carryon
  • Axleinblocks
  • Ceramos
  • Cooperative Combat 
  • And Much More!!

- Seeking Experienced Builders to help enrich Server Lore -


Nation of Steel 800x600-PhotoRoom (9).png

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IP and Mod updates
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