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Mystery of the Mirad of Minerals and Metamorphic Materials

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Good Evening, Morning, or Afternoon to those beautiful souls reading this for answering my query to a question that has perplexed me for quite a time. In a current RP world I'm in our starting island is entirely covered with Granite only digging down near the mantle can one find Peridotite. Traveling by sea we have found literally every Igneous and Sedimentary rock there is: Bauxite, Conglomerate, Chalk, Chert, Claystone, Limestone, Sandstone, Shale, Andesite, Basalt, Peridotite. As well with the other special stones like Halite, Kimberlite, and Suevite. But not a single indication of Phyllite or Slate on the surface of the world. Am I missing a key detail about these two stones which contain the precious Marble which I seek?

Details: to be fair we haven't sailed to the world boundary but maybe a couple hundred to few thousand chunks (which I believe are 80x80 blocks) out from the spawn. Below are the furthest distances traveled in the cardinal directions:
- North: -542, 1 , -3127
- South: -190, 1, 5076
- West: -3510, 1, 1204
- East: 1553, 1, 3131

Further question: Will I have to go further out to find the stone because I'm starting to believe it doesn't exist on the surface.

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Slate absolutely can generate normally. Both on the surface, and below sedimentary rock strata.

Phyllite on the other hand is very different. It's the only rock type that generates "bottom up" instead of "top down", meaning if you'll find it anywhere, it'll be right above the mantle.

(Chunks in VS are 32x32x32 blocks, by the way.)


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Have definitely see slate as a surface rock.  Including gravel/sand deserts of it.  More often as a layer rock between a sedimentary rock and an igneous rock.  (Usually between shale and andesite in my current world.)

The marble I've found on that world has been relatively high on cliffs in slate (and marble) above an andesite layer and below what appears to be eroded mountains that were granite; e.g. this particular area is very vertical in nature.

Image might actually be some chalk I found in the same region.  But the marble was situated in a similar manner right above and mixed in with slate.



cliffside minerals.png

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