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[EU] RedWyvern's Vintage Story Server


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A laid-back Vanilla server allowing for long-term, on-and-off play.
Open to players of all skill levels, do mind that activity may be low.
World resets are avoided, if one does become necessary a world download will be released.
The server version and activity are found at vs.wyvern.red (updates when refreshed).

Standard (Survival) Playstyle, with very minor (QoL) tweaks:
- Item despawn times are greatly increased.
- Polar-Equator distance is reduced to 10K blocks.
- Block gravity is enabled on sand, gravel and soil with sideways instability.
Otherwise all 1.18.1 default settings (some of which have been changed in updates).

The main language is English, but you are welcome to make groups in other languages.
Based in Europe (NL), the server has a low-latency, reliable connection and high uptime.
On a weekly basis, game updates are applied and a (private) world backup gets made.

The server is organised through Discord, where you gain access after (manual) verification.


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