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Stable Food spoil&preserve Hotfix #1 (v1.10.1)


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Version 1.10.1, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

A few isolated crashes and a major bug with sealed crocks not having a major storage bonus is the reason for this release. Also you can now cook with cured meat, yay! To keep things fresh I also put some new background images in the main menu area as well as replaced the intro song with another one.
Also, there is now a Wiki page on food preservation.

build by @xhodan

Game updates

  • Feature: Can now add cured meat to soups and meat stews
  • Feature: Updated main menu backgrounds
  • Tweak: Patches of berry bushes are now only half as big (during world generation)
  • Tweak: Changed main menu intro music from 'night to day' to 'nostalgic'
  • Tweak: Added client command to export single block/item icons, e.g. via .exponepng item 500 firewood
  • Tweak: Added /serverconfig description command to set a servers description
  • Fixed: Sealed crocks inside containers and on shelves did not give the 10x preservation bonus
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare crash related to breaking containres
  • Fixed: Fix players not able to ignite forges if there is a block above
  • Fixed: Cheap hack to fix harvesting carcasses often yielding nothing
  • Fixed: Should fix macro editor not working (not able to set any macros)
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare server crash related to teleporting
  • API Fixed: Patching of modded files was not possible


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