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Stable Food spoil&preserve Hotfix #3 (v1.10.4)


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Version 1.10.4, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

So many hotfixes! This one fixes a rather annoying crash when looking at certain cooking pots. Also did some other stuff! I'll stop the update spam if you stop finding crash bugs! :P


Game updates

  • Tweak: Made hares half as ravenous
  • Tweak: Reduced contrast by 5%
  • Fixed: Female and baby hares not spawning
  • Fixed: Some cooking pots crashing the game when looked at
  • API
    • Fixed: Block patch configs with invalid block codes now prints an error and doesn't thrown an exception
    • Fixed: Should fix modded cooking pots not rendering with the right texture source
    • Fixed: Entity spawn config with companions: Now logs a warning if the companion entities do not exist

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