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Folder support in mods folder


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Folder Support in Mods Folder

In Vintage Story, the ability to organize mods into folders within the mods folder would greatly enhance the mod management experience for players and server administrators. Currently, all mods are placed directly in the mods folder, which can become cluttered and challenging to manage as more mods are added. Introducing folder support in the mods folder would provide a more organized and user-friendly way to manage and categorize mods.

The proposed feature would allow users to create subfolders within the mods folder and place mods inside these folders. Each subfolder would represent a category or a specific group of mods, making it easier to navigate and organize the installed mods. Here's how it could work:

1. Mod Placement: Mods could be placed in these subfolders instead of directly in the mods folder. The game should still recognize and load mods from these subfolders.

2. In-Game Organization: In the Mods section of the game menu, the mods from subfolders should be displayed with their respective categories, making it easy for players to enable or disable mods as needed.

3. Server Compatibility: This feature should be compatible with servers, allowing server administrators to set up a more organized mods structure.

Improved Mod Management: This feature would significantly improve the mod management experience for players and server administrators, making it easier to locate, enable, disable, and update mods.

Enhanced Organization: With the ability to categorize mods into folders, players can better organize their mod collection, making it more accessible and manageable.

Simplifies Server Setup: Server administrators can use this feature to organize mods more effectively, reducing potential issues and conflicts.

User-Friendly Experience: Vintage Story would become more user-friendly for players who use a large number of mods, as they can organize them in a way that suits their preferences.

The addition of folder support in the mods folder would be a valuable quality-of-life improvement for Vintage Story players and server administrators. It simplifies mod management and enhances the overall gaming experience by providing a well-organized and user-friendly way to manage mods. We hope this suggestion is considered for implementation in a future update.

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Never really thought about the need for such an innovation, but if you think about it, the mod grouping is really lacking. So I absolutely support this proposal.
Also, It would be very nice to have a filter, thanks to which the mods in the folder 1.17 (when you play on 1.18) will not automatically load (as in minecraft, mods for different versions are stored in different folders).

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