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I would love to see a option to import/export world settings.


Like when I make a world I like to have specific settings like on death you keep your items or creature hostility I like to have set to Never hostile.


So we can save your preferred world settings as a file like txt or something then when we make a new world we can just import our settings so we don't need to go through the whole world setting options.

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This already exists, although in a roundabout way, and the game doesn't really tell you about it... I suspect it's more of an informal developer tool. But you can still use it as a player if you know how.

1.) Find an existing world with the settings you want to port over. Instead of clicking to load it, click the button with the pen to the far right.
2.) In the line that says "Playstyle", there is a copy-to-clipboard button on the far right. Click that.
3.) Exit out of that screen, then click "Create New World".
4.) Click "Customize" at the bottom.
5.) Press CTRL+V to paste the copied settings, then press Apply.
6.) You can also paste the copied settings into a text file to save them for later use.

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