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Totally rand & incomplete ideas...Immersion+


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Totally random and incomplete ideas for more immersion:

wooden butcher block to carve carcasses into meat & byproducts (increased efficency/yield vs butchering on the ground)
stone table (like butcher block) to pound plant matter to fibers
spinning wheel to twist fibers into threads/yarns
loom to weave fiber to cloth
raw hides need to be scraped/soaked/salted/stretched & sun dried
tanning frame to cure hides
tailoring table (maybe gen purpose table with dynamic recipes based on placed item?) to cut & assemble cloth/leather with thread/sinew

general purpose table could have a grid for placing recipe items 3x4? 6x9? dynamic based on table size? recipe categories could include food prep (chopping/assembly(sandwiches!)), sewing/cutting(cured leather,woven cloth), tool assembly/repair(rebinding w/sinew/rope/twine (think NeoLithic tool binding (knapped rock + stick != usable tool), sharpening/re-knapping to extend durability)

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It's nice to know that other people have also considered some of my ideas. I can remain assured that I'm not totally insane (yet).

Another idea I've been tossing around in my head is a cart, 2 wheeled perhaps, pulled behind the player (2 free hands!) that would be a portable container. IDK whether VS can even accommodate moving container entities. Thankfully my job is not coding, I'm in the dept. of imagination. :) A wheeled cart would realistically require some form of ramp to travel uphill though.

...ramblings of a dreamer.

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