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How large is the protected area from a RiftWard?

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From https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/blob/master/BlockEntity/BERiftWard.cs

private void BlockEntityRiftWard_OnRiftSpawned(Rift rift)
    // Instead of preventing rift spawn, we set the size to 0, which makes it invisible and inactive, 
    // so as to still consume a "rift slot"
    if (HasFuel && sapi.World.Rand.NextDouble() <= 0.95 && rift.Position.DistanceTo(Pos.X + 0.5, Pos.Y + 1, Pos.Z + 0.5) < 30)
        rift.Size = 0;

This leads me to believe the range is a roughly 60x60 square centered on the ward. So ever so slightly less than 2x2 chunks.

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1 hour ago, Darin Crontech said:

Hola, en la noticia de la 1.18聽

encontr茅 lo siguiente, -Caracter铆stica: Se agreg贸 un resguardo de grietas , reduce la aparici贸n de fisuras en un 95 % en un radio de 30 bloques alrededor del resguardo. Consume engranajes temporales.

Espero que sea de ayuda聽馃憤.


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