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v1.19.5-rc.1 - YABATP


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.19.5-rc.1, a unstable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

Yet another Bugfixing and Tuning Patch. Comes with 10% fewer bugs but might have 15% increased scent of bugspray.

Screenshot by Fishy, shared in #screenshots

Game updates

  • Revert: 20% mining speed debuff on Rock has been undone. The other debuffs remain
  • Tweak: When selecting any language in Interface settings, the restart server and community translations messages are immediately localised
  • Tweak: Linux and macOS users, selecting an Asian language or Arabic, are given a warning message (in English) to check their fonts
  • Tweak: More first person hands animation tuning
    • Tweak: Adjusted animation for raising your temporal stability
    • Tweak: Bucket now visually stays level when selected
    • Tweak: Improved watering can ready animation
    • Tweak: Adjusted impact and sound frame for smithing
    • Tweak: Watering animation with a watering can now looks better
    • Fixed: Freezing animation no longer continues indefinitely
    • Fixed: Animation Jitter on axehit. Experimental. Might break stuff
    • Fixed: Ready pose for shovel fixed again
  • Tweak: Buffed warmth on reindeer herder coats and boots
  • Fixed: Various potential crashes if packets received or threads still ticking during client shutdown; should fix modded multiplayer server connection issues
  • Fixed: Font issues when switching language to Thai, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional)
  • Fixed: Angry bees not stinging the player
  • Fixed: Further attempt to fix very rare crash with EntityItem; added additional debug logging
  • Fixed: Resolve issue when executing the /stop command immediately after joining a singleplayer world
  • Fixed: Bighorn sheep (and some deer) still had wrong step heights in 1.19.4
  • Fixed: 1.19.4 crash if pies were placed on clutter tables
  • Fixed: Topsoil grass re-growth did not match original worldgen grass
  • Fixed: Item transfer between inventories using mouse was not logged to server-audit.txt, chute placement is now also audit logged to counter item siphoning
  • Fixed: Dyes very chunky looking when inside barrels
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare startup crash when logging off sitting
  • Fixed: Anvil merging derp and hammering sound not playing
  • Fixed: Ore map generators no longer seed-deterministic since 1.18.8 upon game restart
  • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves were missing the same glue-repairing mechanism as other clutter
  • Fixed: Potential crash with shields if no space for texture etc (GitHub issue 3598)
  • Fixed: Plant container error if the container block does not exist, for example when a mod was removed
  • Fixed: Fixed curd bundles abusable as infinitely lasting food storage. Remove curd bundle from creative inventory because these are now always empty
  • Fixed: In Homo Sapiens game mode (or others where lore content is off) locust nests would still spawn
  • Fixed: Torches would not start fires in leaves, grass etc. with Shift+right click
  • Fixed: Peanuts and Olives not visible in meals
  • Fixed: Bug in creature pathfinding system that prevented them to walk towards their intended goal
  • Fixed: Very rare exception issue logged to file, related to axles
  • Fixed: /gm sp command not setting player to spectator mode
  • Fixed: Shader compile error on Intel internal graphics
  • Fixed: Properly fix crashes / texture atlas overflow related to labeled crates
  • Api Tweak: Items/Blocks can now define an attribute "inBarrelShape" to determine their shape inside a barrel
  • Api Tweak: Don't crash on invalid GroundStack

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Seems this update borked the sword attack animations a bit; you hit once and the animation keeps repeating itself over and over afterwards, until you make a different action. Another thing I spotted is when I had the shovel in hand and was digging out peat and there's a lot of items you start collecting around, it causes the hand animations to reset with every picked up item along with considerable impact on performance; not by much but enough to make it noticeable. Previous version didn't have such issue.

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Regarding the recent change where snow goggles and glasses are now worn on the face location, is it possible to make them wearable in either face or head locations? While the change allows for combination with hats it removes combining them with a face mask.


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