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Issue when starting a new world


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I am trying to start a new world, but when I get to the loading screen it says "Event: Something went awry...please check program logs (exception thrown by server during startup or process)"

So far I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled it and have downloaded the latest NET version. What am I doing wrong? I have attached my logs below.

Thanks so much!

client-audit_0.txt client-chat_0.txt client-crash.txt client-debug.txt client-debug_0.txt client-main.txt client-main_0.txt server-debug.txt server-event.txt server-main.txt server-storyevent.txt

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27.3.2024 16:38:21 [Notification] Server main instantiated
27.3.2024 16:38:21 [Error] Exception: The type initializer for 'Vintagestory.Server.MagicNum' threw an exception.
   at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Launch() in VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerMain.cs:line 392
   at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.ServerThreadStart() in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 390
27.3.2024 16:38:32 [Notification] Destroying game session, waiting up to 200ms for client threads to exit

Try deleting %appdata%\vintagestorydata\servermagicnumbers.json - the game will recreate it with default values on next startup. If you wanna be extra thorough, delete all the files in that directory. Not the subdirectories though, they have your savegames and such.

(FYI: this directory is completely unaffected by uninstalling or reinstalling the game.)

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ugh, seems downloading some of the txt files become an unreadable jumble (not sure why?)...

won't have an answer for you but it might be helpful to others answering the following?

are you running any mods?

version of windows? (how much memory does the machine have?)

version of game? did it work with a prior game version?

can you run the game in single player mode ok  on the machine?

networking wifi (wireless) or wired?

installed game with all the defaults? if not, which bits changed from default?


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I was running the game with mods (Primitive Survival, HUD clock, less deadly mushrooms, mushroom pies, and one that increases crock size to 6). I am running Windows 11 and I have approximately 24G RAM. I updated the game to the latest version. A few months ago my PC crashed (unrelated to Vintage Story, surge protector was old) and I had to reset it losing most of my old files. This is my first time booting up the game since then. I am using a wired connection. I have changed some settings (walk speed, season length, copper/tin surface spawn rates, and sleeping during temporal storms) but my recent attempts I've just done default settings. 


That was a lot of info, but I hope this helps!

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sorry to hear about the PC crash, never fun, and backups if any are rarely current (my own experience)

Ideally the log files point exactly to the issue.  And in fact they might be doing just that.  To me though, its still alot of confusion, sadly.

the recent attempts at trying to get the new map up and running, with default settings, would have been my attempt at reducing the unknown variables

and no mods.

The ideal is that plain vanilla starts up fine, allowing progressively adding changes until the trouble spot is encountered.  Kind of backing in to the issue eventually.

sounds like you've tried all that though(?)  Something is corrupted, not sure if its hardware issues that could be at fault, ssd/hdd/memory check? 

Got another machine to try with lol ahem.



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