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v1.19.6/7 - Anti-Double-Whammy


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.19.6 and v1.19.7, a stable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

[Edit:] Also released v1.19.7 with the following changes:

  • Fixed: Issues with typing caused by the 1.19.6 drunk typing fix
  • Fixed: First person hands visibly detached while drunk and typing in chat
  • Fixed: Should fix anvil hit not registering when clicking left mouse button in the moment where the hammer swing ends
  • Fixed: Don't crash client on corrupt chunk

Please notice, v1.19.7 is not compatible with v1.19.6 or older servers - you will not be able to join unless they are updated.

Some few minor fixes in this update, nothing to write home about. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the grasshoppers, coquis, cicadas and pond insects coming in v1.20! These are created using a new entity-particle hybrid system that allows large quantities to be loaded concurrently at the cost of non-interactability.

pretty cool cave - shared by Billy Mays in #general

Game updates

  • Fixed: Double anvil hit when opening inventory mid hit - likely also fixes other double hit cases
  • Fixed: Multiple visual issues when using a high field of view
  • Fixed: Mitigate no longer able to use any tools after world reload by resetting the state when switching active hotbar slot
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with drunk typing
  • Fixed: "/time add" command allowed negative values
  • Fixed: Cancel button on backup confirm screen not functioning
  • API Fixed: RegisterEventBusListener() delegates called twice in some cases


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Is anyone else noticing that 16 GB is getting marginal at higher settings? In one case, I've had to drop down to a view distance of 512 to get rid of the hard drive thrash. 18.8 didn't tend to accumulate "modified" RAM as badly. (That was the most recent older copy on that box. I don't use it very often, obviously.)

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