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Fishing with nets and Fishing rods.


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One of the only things I really miss during early game is the ability to go fishing and have more options to prepare fish.

The fishing could be done with nets and different tiers of fishing rods. There could be more varieties of fish that yield different types of meat.

To prepare meals there could be the options to make stews out of fresh fish and to smoke fish to make it last longer (as an alternative to curing).

One could also keep live fish in barrels for a while.

The mod "Primitive Survival" is a good example of how some of that could look ingame.

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As and alternative to hunting/foraging/farming this would be great. 

It would offer an alternative to possible places to live that arn't just flatlands near forests;
Imagine a multiplayer town that lives on a coast and makes its food needs through fishing and fish breeding.

Maybe expand beyond the early agrarian stage and into larger social structures,

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it would be great  also 2 add crustacean as well u could catch and try 2 keep as food or pets besides fish and that the deeper u swim  in  water area u would find different  sea life but the aquaponics idea as a alt for  regular farming would be great for indoors farming where u have 2 maintain a ecosystem going between fish and  plant like algae or other veggies 2 keep the fish alive and vice versa  or maybe


where if u don't balance it just right u  don't get as bigger yields of fish and veggies

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