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Is There A Command To Cull Item Drops From The Ground?


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I play with a ton of mods and they end up glitching the items that drop to the ground where after I walk over them to pick them up they enter my inventory but they don't disappear from the game world (Basically a bunch of phantom item drops laying around). I'm 99% sure it's the outlaw mod that's glitching the game this way but I love the mod so much I don't want to delete it and have just been putting up with the game crashing once enough ghost items pile up. Restarting the game fixes the issue for the time being (but is time-consuming with reloading everything). I was wondering if there was a command that could just cull these items where they don't show up anymore?


Here's a video of me showcasing what I'm talking about: https://streamable.com/pajxly

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