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worldgen config for an island world


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hey there,

im trying to set up a new map for a "waterworld" playthrough.
did struggle a bit until i reached a point where the islands and the space between them had the size i like.

but now theres the problem: most of the islands, like 90%+ of them, are either completely steep or/and huge mountains.

thats the world gen i used for this map:
landcover 10%
landcover scale 50%
upheaval rate 10%
landform scale 60%

i wonder if the "scale" function "compresses" normal land into a smaller area and thats why everything looks so weird?

thank you for helping :)



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Posted (edited)

that was a good idea, with higher scale its more rounded big mountains instead of lots of small ones :D its practically smoothed out. which is very cool anyway.
smaller scale seems to work, but its still very hilly


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