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A way to have longer days?

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Yes, there is: /time calendarspeedmul 0.25

This command regulates the speed at which ingame hours pass compared to IRL minutes, with a value of 1 being a 1:1 lockstep (24 minutes per 24 ingame hours) and 0.5 being the game's default value (48 minutes per 24 ingame hours). Dropping it to 0.25 gives you what you want.

It probably does not affect your hunger drain. It didn't use to, but I haven't played in 1.19, and there were some timekeeping changes under the hood. Test it out to see if the same meal lasts you the same IRL time or the same ingame time. If necessary, you can fix it yourself: /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed 0.5

It does, however, affect everything that follows the game's calendar. Meaning such things like animal pregnancies, crop and tree growth, how long charcoal piles and pit kilns burn, the time before traders cycle their inventory, the passage of seasons, the rate at which weather changes, and so on and so forth. It is, after all, a calendar speed multiplier :)

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