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Stability Rework


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Was playing thaumcraft 6 recently and it made me think how good a variation of the rifts, chunk vis, and warp mechanic, would fit the rust/magic mechanic of VS so I thought I would make a post about it


There are three distinct kinds of active instability:Gear-01.png.20ad61b8ae3ad5c5f792a016bc2aa1ee.png

  • Short-term instability, which will slowly fade away over time
    • Gained by interacting with unstable creatures like drifters and mechanical creatures (being close to a big group, getting attacked, etc.)
    • Gained by being close to a rift
    • Gained by having unstable weapons/tools in your inventory
  • Regular instability which does not fade on its own, but can be removed by specific methods
    • Gained by being in unstable areas for too long
    • Gained by using unstable weapons/tools regularly
  • Permanent instability, which cannot be removed by normal gameplay means
    • Gained by engaging in research into the other world

The stability meter is now a meter at the top left and is hidden at the start and needs a device to be seen.  A player can roughly monitor their levels of all three kinds of instability by holding The Lenses.



Rifts and Area StabilityRift charger harnessing the energy from a rift

These lenses also allows the player to better see rifts (they’re now barely visible, but not invisible, by default) and to monitor the stability of a region. Rifts are also rarer, and can be "active or dormant" depending on rift activity, since they will now be stationary and not easily disappear. New methods to collapse rifts can be added, (giving more uses to the Riftward).


Areas now have a level of stability/instability and whichever is higher will determine what type of area it is (you can see this with the Lenses). If one is present, a player can harness the stability of these areas through rift using a new device called the rift charger, allowing the player to use this energy to power other devices, like a “stabilizer” (reduces the player’s regular instability) or a “temporal workstation” (allows the player to make temporallyimage.png.687e03e9b55cec1ea5b95b9a3e010396.png stable/unstable weapons)

Also, to avoid having to hold the lens every time you need to monitor one of these levels, you can make some Temporal Googles which will give you all the info of the lens without needing to hold one.




I would also like to see some sort of research into the Other World type deal, following Jonas' steps, where delving too deep into it can give you some permanent effects you'll need to manage with temporary solutions. This also allowing you to craft certain tools, weapons, and machines, to give some type of reward.

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In-game stability seems to be hard enough to get a handle on. I agree that it would be best implemented as a mod, so it's not nearly as overwhelming for a n00b.

That said, please don't use that NSFW stability graphic. Never even heard of anyone using two rings.

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