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The Game Challenge Update, Step 2 (v1.11-rc.1)


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Underchallenged and Overchallenged Vintarians, Step 2!
v1.11-rc.1 can now be downloaded through the account manager

Changes until pre.1
Check out the previous blog post

Screenshots/Gifs for all new/changed features since pre.1

Added Armor. You can now craft various types of armor in survival mode. These come with intricate protection values which depend on the weapon tier you get attacked with.

Player stats: Besides protection, armor has various effects on the player. This new stats system also forms the basis for a future herbalism and status effects update.

New mobile container: The hunter backpack. Hand Baskets and Linen bags now have one extra slot.

Sawing logs no longer yield plank blocks but individual plank items. Can create piles of planks.

Added resin to pine trees. Can be harvested and regrows after 7 days. Is required to craft lamellar armor0-resin.thumb.png.2a031c870b6ed02854262fffd894533d.png

Several new or reworked tree generators to increase tree shape variety. For example the cypress

Reworked cloud system. Added some large patches of tall grass to deserts

Added papyrus to hot climates. Should help new players when spawning in placed where there are no cattails

All game updates since pre.1 (excludes fixes for bugs introduced since pre.1)

  • Feature: Added Arrmor. Gambeson, Lamellar, Brigandine, Chain, Scale and Plate armor, can now be crafted in survival mode. Added lamellae, scales and chain pieces that can be smithed.
  • Feature: Added 4 new player stats: Ranged weapon aiming accuracy and charge time, healing effectiveness and move speed
  • Feature: Added single plank items. Cutting a log now yields single plank items. All crafting recipe that required plank blocks now require planks items. Can create plank piles.
  • Feature: Pine trees now sometimes spawn with harvestable resin attached to them. Regrows after being harvested.
  • Feature: Golden name in chat for purchasers of the supporter add-on
  • Feature: Added several new/improved tree generators to worldgen (acacia, bristlecone pine, cypress, norway maple, japanese maple, viney kapok and dead acacia)
  • Feature: Papyrus is now a thing in hot climates that drops cattails for now. Also no longer creates corrupted black chunks, yay \o/
  • Feature: Mobile inventory rework:
    • Basket: 2 slot => 3 slots
    • Hunter back pack:  x  => 4 slots (made from an oiled hide that air-cures after 2 days, see handbook for recipe)
    • Linen bag: 4 slots => 5 slots
    • Leather back pack: 6 slots => 6 slots
  • Tweak: The graphics quality presets now also set a MaxFPS value
  • Tweak: One attempt to reduce lag spikes (Technical info: Parallelized cloud tile recomputation. Should reduce lag spikes caused by the cloud system)
  • Tweak: Reduced CPU RAM usage by about 130 megabytes (Technical info: Ditched CPU Ram Texture atlas after we're done creating texture atlasses. Instead we pre-generate 30 random pixels and 1 average color for particles and the world map)
  • Tweak: Reduced CPU RAM usage by about 70 megabytes (Technical info: A ram intensive object that's no longer needed after the game was loaded was not disposed)
  • Tweak: Worldgen: Dry areas now generate with less trees
  • Tweak: Vines now also wave with the wind
  • Tweak: Fixed textures upside down on shingle, stone brick and plank stairs
  • Tweak: Reduced boar health
  • Tweak: Increased drifter damage for tainted, corrupt and nightmare variants
  • Tweak: Increased the drifters item drop rates for the harder drifter variants
  • Tweak: "Water portion" is now named "Water Portion (1 litre"), the same is applied to all liquid portions
  • Tweak: Updated trader buying/selling lists, which fixes a few missing/incorrect entries and added a small few new ones
  • Tweak: Improved logging when the game server cannot connect to the auth server
  • Tweak: The Anvil smithing guide grid lines are now the same as for clay forming: Green - put, Red - remove
  • Fixed: Should fix smithing work items displaying an incorrect tooltip
  • Fixed: Hitting a trader made him blink out of existence
  • Fixed: Trying to place crocks on invalid positions played a sound instead of showing an ingame error
  • Fixed: Should fix bucket contents not showing up in some cases
  • Fixed: Should now actually fix login link not visible in the main menu, and also fix issues with traders spawning and other problems
  • Fixed: Should now actually fix some supportor nametags not showing up
  • Fixed: *ALL* number inputs in the game are now culture invariant. This means the decimal point is "." across all language configurations. This also fixes the main screen logout link not being visible on some machines
  • Fixed: Name tag and chat text overlapping eachother
  • Fixed: Oil lamp interaction help saying it can be used for igniting stuff
  • Fixed: Golden name tag not appearing until the player relogged
  • Fixed: Fog incorrectly applied to mechanical power blocks and dropped items
  • Fixed: Texture and AO issues on Slabs
  • Fixed: Able to delete a work item on the anvil by placing another work item
  • Fixed: Forge able to heat metal over 1100 degrees in some cases
  • Fixed: Should fix fulgens errors related to missing texture mappings
  • Fixed: Player and Trader name tags not in the new UI style
  • Fixed: Default brightness was at 1.3? o.o
  • Fixed: Server masterserver heartbeat running on the mainthread instead of doing it async, causing heavy lag if the master server did not respond
  • Fixed: Glass block frame changing color when looked at a distance
  • Fixed: Game crashing when breaking a block under a placed barrel
  • Fixed: Placed meal bowls not showing its contents
  • Fixed: Crocks placed on shelves invisible
  • Fixed: Holding left and right mouse button made the seraph all twitchy
  • Fixed: Game crashing with invalid mods enabled
  • Fixed: Firepit sounds playing twice upon reconnecting. Should also reduce network load. Block entity updates were sent to all clients instead of only players in range
  • Fixed: Missing Translations and one typo
  • Fixed: Unable to move items in the hot bar, while holding Alt key to have the mouse unlocked
  • Fixed: Might fix some animals stuck in certain animations/poses
  • Fixed: Game crashing when an invalid save game was in the saves folder
  • Fixed: Holding glass in 3rd person made the seraph sections behind it invisible
  • Fixed: Should no longer be able to clip into blocks from sneaking or sleeping in beds
  • Fixed: Should fix CTRL+F1 sometimes crashing the game
  • Fixed: A number of translations were no longer recognized by the game
  • Fixed: Distant terrain not properly blended against the sky during nights
  • Fixed: Falling soil not placeable on sides of blocks
  • Fixed: Server heartbeat timeout (probably not fixed, but lets see)


API updates since pre.1

  • Feature: Added world.PlaySoundAt methods that lets you specify the pitch
  • Feature: New Entity field "EntityStats Stats" lets you configure multiple stat modifiers for multiple categories
  • Tweak: Metal spikes now have json configurable damage
  • Tweak: Can now configure damage tier and damage type in the melee attack ai task
  • Tweak: DamageSource now has a new property "DamageTier"
  • Tweak: IClientNetworkChannel has a new property "Connected" to show it is connected to a server side endpoint
  • Tweak: The Harvestable block behavior is now fully configurable. You might need to adapt your existing block json files. See vanilla berry bush for an example
  • Tweak: All Methods that offered or required the size of a texture atlas now requires a Vec2i or Size2i instead of an int. Textures atlasses can now be rectangular instead of just being square.
  • Tweak: Increased default texture atlas sizes from 2048x2048 to 4096x2048
  • Tweak: capi.Tesselator is now always thread safe
  • Tweak: BESapling min/maxDays property is now a "growthDays" natfloat
  • Tweak: Added worldgen config for sapling growth rate. Default growth rate is now a bit slower and a lot slower for wilderness survival
  • Tweak: Added logged notice that the game only supports source code mods until C# 5.0 when there were comile errors
  • Tweak: ModMaker now errors when attempting to use it on a pre-release
  • Tweak: IWorldManagerApi.AllLoadedChunks should now be thread safe
  • Tweak: Can now supply an override shape for players (for DOAN)
  • Tweak: Atlas.InsertTexture will throw an exception if called from an off-thread
  • Notice: During blockEntity.Initialize() block textures are not guaranted to be loaded yet. If you generate meshes there, postpone it to e.g. the OnTesselation method. See BEFireWoodPile.cs for a good example.
  • Refactor: entityagent.SetWalkSpeedModifier and RemoveWalkSpeedModifier is now marked obsolete. Use the new stats system instead: entity.Stats.Set("walkspeed", key, value, persistent);
  • Refactor: BehaviorOmniAttachable, attribute facingPos is now facingCode
  • Refactor: ItemDress class is now ItemWearable
  • Refactor: Attempting to send a network message through a non-connected network channel will now throw an exception
  • Refactor: IRenderApi.BeginScissor and .EndScissors is now PushScissors and PopScissors
  • Refactor: IClientNetworkAPI.DidReceiveChannelId is now GetChannelState() and should return correct values again
  • Refactor: capi.BlockTextureAtlas.GetRandomPixel() is now capi.BlockTextureAtlas.GetRandomColor()
  • Refactor: Removed capi.BlockTextureAtlas.GetPixelAt(). For reading a blocks average color use capi.BlockTextureAtlas.GetAverageColor() instead. See Block.cs in the vsrepos for an example
  • Refactor: The IServerEventAPI.PlayerChat delegate changed from:
      string PlayerChatDelegate(IServerPlayer byPlayer, int channelId, string message, BoolRef consumed);
      void PlayerChatDelegate(IServerPlayer byPlayer, int channelId, ref string message, ref string data, BoolRef consumed)
  • Tweak: New Client Setting "glContextVersion", if somebody wants to hack around with different version opengl contexts
  • Fixed: Should fix issues with block entity behavior properties throwing json reader exceptions
  • Fixed: More shape texture derpiness
  • Fixed/Mitigate: Trader spawn spam when during the load of buying/selling lists an exception was thrown
  • Fixed: Network channels could get out of sync client and server side
  • Fixed: Some texture definitions only present in the shape file but not in the blocktype did not get recognized by the engine
  • Fixed: Chunk server side mod data property was not initialized

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