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  1. Musty, warm, muggy. You can smell the stench of decaying plants and rampant life all around you.
  2. The current drop rate isnt too bad, I already have three space temporal gears after playing a day in 1.12
  3. Pipes and tanks would be fun for the automation part of the game. Maybe low tier ones could be made of bamboo?
  4. Knapping really could use some additional depth, right now its just inverse clayforming. And I personally think that only getting one knife is actually better for the early game, since inventory space is on a premium. As an added level of difficulty, maybe if you hit a non-knappable bit, it introduces a "crack". get 3 cracks and the flint shatters. you'd wanna make sure there was a brief cooldown on knapping after getting a crack though, so someone doesnt accidentally jitter-click their flint away lol.
  5. A while back, I made a rather irate post about how wild boars resembled heat seeking missiles more than wildlife. I said some unkind things and frankly made an ass of myself. I didnt think that hunting would ever improve because of that. But WOW has it improved. The AI changes made to animals make them far easier to fight. Its still quite hard, and frankly combat still needs an overhaul, but its at least fair now, which I greatly appreciate. The 1.12 update is going incredibly so far, keep it going!
  6. Wow, my angry rant became something productive! I'm liking the discussion here, particularly about wounds and better ai. I think I'd be ok with dying to a pig if I got outplayed. This is actually fun to read!
  7. I'm a big fan of the new armor, bonus points for historical accuracy
  8. I'm like the changes to AI, is there a possibility of animals getting their damage/health nerfed a bit if their AI is good enough to compensate? Not in this update of course, but some time in the future. Also, really nice job on the gears! How possible would it be to add cogs along side the cage gears? This minecraft mod is a good example. Not particularly necessary, I just really like gears lol.
  9. Historically, maces at least have been used against armored targets, due to the fact that they do their damage through impact alone, which carries through armor (especially mail) much better than a bladed edge. I do agree however that doing the bonus on the armor rather than the weapon is a good idea, probably easier to implement.
  10. Another possibility is that blunt weapons bypass armor more effectively than bladed ones, which is their special "feature", as opposed to sharpening. Though hitting an armored target should subtract more durability depending on the armor tier to compensate. You are hitting your mace into a plate of metal, after all!
  11. Another idea I had for sharpening is it "resets" the dulling curve, so that the weapon's damage is reset back to default, but durability is unchanged, so that it now ramps down even faster. I agree sharpening is the weak point of this idea, I just like the thought of a whole team of hunters sharpening their weapons before going out lol.
  12. A few days ago I made a post called damage is ridiculous, complaining about how much damage animals can do. While thats really its own problem that sounds like it will be fixed in the future, it got me thinking about how damage is handled in games in general, and minecraft-likes in particular. In games like minecraft or vintage story, the damage a weapon does is tied to what its made of. In minecraft, a sword made of iron does +6 damage, an iron sword does +7, etc. Vintage story is similar, with stone spears doing 2 damage, copper doing 2.5 (or maybe more since it was buffed) etc. But the thing is, thats not really terribly realistic. If i stab you with a flint spear, its going to hurt about as much as an iron spear. Sure, the iron one can take more of an edge, but really it takes just as many stabs with one to kill someone as it does with the other. The main benefit of better materials, the way I see it, is better durability, and thus the ability to hold an edge longer. With that in mind, I propose an idea for a different way to balance weapons and tiers, as well as a new mechanic that could tie into it. All weapons of a specific type do a set amount of damage, say 3 for a spear, 4 for a sword, etc. However, that damage is directly tied to durability, so that as the durability goes down, so too does the damage, to a minimum of maybe 50% at 1 durability. This scales with durability, so a higher tier weapon is going to do more damage for longer. This encourages upgrading in the long term while at the same time meaning you don't necessarily need to immediately. This also opens up the possibility of a new mechanic: sharpening. When you sharpen a weapon, you shave off some of the material to make it cut better. The way this would work is you sacrifice some durability for a boost to damage. This can offset the dulling of a weapon, but on weapons that have low durability its not such a great idea, since they're liable to break from over-sharpening. The advantage of this from a gameplay perspective is it shifts focus away from the weapon itself and more onto the player, and the tactics and strategies they can think up. A guy with a copper sword but better skill is now able to take on a guy with an iron sword and weak skill. Additionally, it makes combat easier to balance, as you only have to balance around one "tier". Is the system perfect? No, its not. One flaw I can immediately think of is that it doesn't really work for a bludgeoning weapon like a club, or maces if they ever get added. It also might not work super well for bows, since sharpening each arrow would be a pain in the ass. Still, I think it would be a neat way to differentiate from other similar games. Critique is welcome, as is possible advice on how to mod this idea into the game as a proof of concept.
  13. I apologize for my tone, I did not intend to come off as rude. I was angry at being killed 5 times in 5 minutes to a pig, which while lame, is no excuse for rudeness. To be clear, I don't disagree that a boar is dangerous, I just think its silly that a spear, even a stone one, is little more than a pinprick to a creature half your size. It sounds like high health is only a stop gap until AI is improved, which is good to hear. This game is a lot of fun, and I really do enjoy it, I just feel its combat is too imbalanced toward the animals at the moment. I appreciate you being open to at least listening, and I also appreciate the modding tip, I might take you up on that.
  14. Pigs can easily deal enough damage to kill you in 3-ish hits. A spear takes 15 hits to kill one, or 6 hits when thrown. This is frankly stupid as hell. A pig nuzzling you aggressively is not enough to kill you in 3 hits, and a spear is not just a poking stick. I get that this is probably to enforce progression, but its really stupid and makes hunting virtually impossible at early levels. Damage absolutely NEEDS some kind of rework so that having a weapon makes you at least on par with random animals. As a suggestion, a weapon of a specific type should always deal a certain amount of damage, say 10 for spears, with better materials offering better durability. Additionally, as a further incentive to upgrade, weapons with any sort of blade can be sharpened somehow to boost damage, giving a better damage boost for better materials (+1 for flint +2 for copper etc). IMO, this is really the only major thing preventing this game from being fun to play, the rest is really great. But wolves and pigs are not super soldiers, and spears are not toothpicks, even stone ones.
  15. I couldn't disagree more. Electricity, of the teslapunk variety, fits perfectly in VS. And gears make a better power system than a control system, due to their necessary bulk in a voxel game.
  16. Steam should be a way of making/transporting mechanical power, and should still be converted back to do any work.
  17. I think electricity should be used for control instead of power. That way, mechanical power never becomes useless, and electricity only makes the stuff you can make even more complex and advanced. Think redstone instead of RF.
  18. Over the dinner table, me and my dad had an idea for the game that uses pre-existing mechanics to VASTLY increase the amount of food items available through cooking. The basic idea is as follows: we already have a system for shaping clay, and speaking from experience, clay is very similar to dough in consistency. As such, its not much of a stretch to imagine a dough-forming system as a re-skin of the clay-forming system. The advantage of this is it allows for the creation of a variety of shapes. Instead of just being able to make loaves of bread, we could also make dozens of different pastas (including meaty ones like ravioli, though I imagine the meat would be added after forming the dough), pizza crusts, rolls, dumplings (again, adding the meat later) , biscuits and even pastries, though sugar will have to be added first for most of them. These items wouldn't have to be stand alone foods either: pastas could be added to soups, as could dumplings. Pie crusts and rolls could be filled with meats and veggies, creating a whole new class of food. You could even have breadbowls for soup, because who doesn't like breadbowls? Not to mention all the permutations of pizza... I imagine this mechanic of dough-forming would be best to add after the addition of ovens, which appear to be a wip already, at least judging by Saraty's twitter.
  19. AH, I wasn't sure how version dependent VS mods are, as it varies between games. Good to know.
  20. The mod won't load in version 1.7.1, seemingly due to some compile errors: https://pastebin.com/GUiyHzZ5
  21. Unity 2017.3.1f1 Personal (64bit) - Level.unity - Space Game - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone _DX11_ 8_15_2018 3_07_07 PM.mp4 I MAY have set the spawn interval too low...
  22. This. The simpler and more flexible a system, the more likely players can develop their own tactics. I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea
  23. Half life 2 is a perfect example of emergent gameplay. With just the gravity gun alone you can: Cut enemies in half block incoming fire blow stuff up
  24. I'm unfamiliar with that game I'm afraid. Even if dragging proves impractical, all I really want is for weapons to clash with each other, rather than having to have an explicit block mechanic.
  25. Combat systems using a plethora of different buttons has always been a pet peeve of mine. I like the idea of weapons clashing together, rather than having to be used in attack or defense mode. As for aiming, you aim first, then draw. In terms of complexity, I personally dislike any system with a stamina mechanic. I also dislike staggering, as a simple stun debuff would suffice as opposed to four different ways of staggering. Please keep in mind, I don't hate your ideas, nor do I think mine are better. I would be fine with either. I just like iterating on different concepts, and I like the idea of weapon swings being more than animations. I also prefer combat systems to be as simple as possible, with depth being emergent from gameplay rather than from a myriad of systems. You have a different take, which is excellent. The more perspectives there are, the more good ideas there are.
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