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# Immersion

Welcome to the Immersion Mod add-on for Vintage Story.

The mod is available here: Latest Stable Release

The mod depends on copygirl (Carry Capacity)
We have a WIKI

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The immersion mod is intended for use by experienced Vintage Story players who have advanced beyond the bronze age. In immersion, the player earns stages of advancement by working additional crafting processes above the Vanilla game mechanics. This mod is NOT recommended for new Vintage Story players.  This mod is dependent on carry capacity, available on GitHub. Remember to install carry capacity in your mods folder, or immersion will not function!

Please note: This is a total conversion mod that requires the generation of a new world.

Immersive Crafting Mechanic
A hallmark of this mod is a new crafting mechanic "Immersive Crafting". This mechanic requires players to assemble or construct the object (Block, Container, Item) on a work-space block in the world. (In World Recipes) Vanilla crafting mechanics that are already performed outside the crafting grid such as knapping, clay forming, casting, and smithing remain the same. 
Wherever possible, crafting requiring use of the player's "grid" have been changed to the immersive mechanic, and the Vanilla grid recipes do not function. Any items or blocks created In World include step-by-step directions when constructing on a selected work-space in the Block GUI.(We recommend that Block tips, B, is activated when crafting any block/item.)

Immersive crafting changes the resources required to create many vanilla items, and new recipes were created to allow the substitution of different resources. For example, any type of cordage that a player has available may be used in many of these recipes, and players are not limited because they do  not have one specific item or material. Material substitutions and alternative recipes allow players to create some important functional blocks at earlier game stages, before metal tools are available.

Immersion Additions and Changes
This mod adds hundreds of new items, blocks, and concepts. It would be almost impossible to list every addition here, but a brief summary can be provided.

* Terrain
The immersion mod adds new terrain blocks including: seawater that can be used as a source of salt, and underground aquifers, which can be used (with wells) as fresh water sources. Immersion adds two colored clay (red, brown) in addition to the blue and fire clay. All pottery items and ceramic blocks made from the available clay types remain "true to color" after firing. 

*Plant Resources
Immersion adds new resources including tropical fruit harvested from immersion palm trees, and giant reeds as sources of reed bundles. New sisal plants allow players to create alternative cordage that can substitute for flax twine in some crafting recipes. Different sizes of branches are now dropped from branchy leaves and can be used in constructing items, building materials, and functional blocks. 

*Animal Resources
Immersion changes animal harvesting, which now includes skinning and butchering as separate stages. Animals also provide new resource materials including: tendons for sinew cordage and glue, horns used to craft advanced weapons, and intestines used to prepare advanced foods. A lucky player might also be able to collect an animal pelt, head trophy or skull.

* Tools
The immersion mod adds new tiers of stone tools including knapped stone hand tools and primitive tools assembled in-world. Some tool heads can now be knapped from bone. Additions of stone aged tools including the adze, hammer, sickle, sword and javelins, as well as three new tiered bows provide a range of building, crafting, and combat options.  The additions are often stone versions of more complex tools that are not available until metal-working ages. 

* Metal Working
Immersion adds more molds during the casting age including sheets, lantern components, candle molds, hinges, and pins. These allow players to craft vanilla lanterns earlier in the game, but also allow the introduction of more advanced lanterns in later game stages. Hinges are added to create functional blocks including doors and chests, while in later updates metal tools will be assembled using tool pins. Cast stamps for instant creation of simple clay items are available, and new mod specific tools can be smithed.

* Crafting and Building
Immersion crafting adds intermediate resources to build, including cast hinges, and panels from bamboo, wood or planks. These new blocks are used to assemble multiple components in immersive crafting. Log walls, roofs and primitive fences can be constructed from branches during the stone age. Small stones can be used to create stone paths and roads using  the immersion tamper and setting hammer. Cracked stone and Quartz blocks can be crafted, as well as three new soil blocks: Adobe, Mud-wall, and a new version of cob. Unlike vanilla, most blocks, containers and items display the texture, color and appearance of the materials used when crafting, adding to the diversity and range of building options for players.

* New Concepts
Bamboo culture has been introduced, which allows players to craft doors, chests, buckets, barrels and other bamboo items during the stone and early casting ages.
Bonfires can be constructed to keep predators at bay.
Scaffolding can be built and placed to create a temporary ladder.
Chopping Block can be constructed to create firewood in-world
Mod Specific Bowls are used to mix ingredients and prepare more complex foods.
Drying trays are used to obtain salt from seawater.
Sisal Drying Mats and Drying racks constructed from branches and cordage are used to sun-dry fruit and meat as an alternative food preserving method.
Stationary containers (chests and baskets) are doubled in size to accommodate all the new materials available
Wells can be used to access underground fresh water sources.

This mod is a work in progress, with new features and concepts planned and added in stages. For more guidance on features included in this mod and detailed crafting instructions, please see the Immersion wiki.

This mod were developed by a team of talented and creative volunteers including

Authors: Tony Liberatto, Novocain, jhendrix61978, Ereketh ,
Contributors: Tyron, Milo, Stroam, Elwood, MarcAFK, Demmon1, Dulakaba, Balduranne, BunnyViking .
Without their efforts, this mod would not exist.

copygirl (Carry Capacity)

Please feel free to contact the mod author on GitHub or the Darkagecraft Discord Channel with suggestions, feedback, and error reporting.

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@EMSpara Sorry. We do not have a full guide or tutorial for the mod. I try to add as much info in the Handbook and in the block descriptions.
We desperately need someone that is good at writing to join the team. 
I am not even a native English speaker, and was always terrible at compositions. hated writing essays.


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Hi. I really like your mod Immersion! Thanks for your work!

But. I kinda found a bug. Or something that crashes my game. I tried Vanilla and had no issue. I instaled Immersion + Carry Capacity (from Copygirl)  and crashes in handbook. Scroll down to Carcass and i think is Bloomery next.. there is the spot where it crashes to the desktop.

I have Game version 1.11.11, and Immersion mod 1.0.8. Hope this was helpful.

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Are wolves considered predators in this mod? I put up a bonfire and was mauled by a wolf. bug or intended? Handbook states Driving away predators within a range of 48 blocks. Now im on a pillar of stone with hungry wolves laying down around me and currently with 2 bars of health left. HEP!



Edited by whiskeyAF
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About Immersion Chests, somehow their last storage space row doesn't function properly. Slots 29-32 can't let you to place any items there manually, but if chest is full up to slot 28, then shift clicking items from bags can enter items into slots 29-32. But then you have a next problem, you can't take anything out from those slots either. So now you have to drool over your item, what is just there, but so far away :D

According wiki they should have 28 slots, but somehow they appear with one more row and there it gets a bit buggy.

Edit: Lantern tops won't be consumed while making lanterns.

Edited by Kagi
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Good morning, afternoon or even evening, depending on when this is read. 

Right off  the bat I'd like to say that this mod is absolutely fantastic.
The realistic implementations it adds to the game really makes it stand out above all others I've tried thus far. 
It may be a bit tedious for some players if they want to make things in bulk, but hey, when can we in life make 10 chests in a single second? 
All in all, if you're looking for a mod that adds realism to your Vintage Story game I highly suggest you try it out. 
Just note that you'll have to deal with a lot more wolves spawning!

As for the bugs I've currently run into, I'd say that aside possibly an overpopulation on wolves that spawn in your base UNLESS you have at least one bonefire going every 24 hours.. 
Then the only thing that kind of does bother, at least me, is that eventually the game seems to experience a type of... Lag.. A hiccup? 
Animals some times move forward in awkward ways. More specifically.. Their limbs move normally, but they traverse blocks in a hiccup type way..? They seem to have a delay every half a second, to a second before actually moving forward. Some times even when you move about, you get pulled back a block or five-six randomly as if you didn't just move forward at all. 
Restarting the game however does seem to restore that for at least an hour or two, given you've not gone anywhere outside of a 36-ish block radius, at which point it triggers at a random moment. Restarting the game, again, fixes that. 
Not sure what to think of it or if it's a problem on my end cosidering I'm running a potato laptop.. 
But unfortunately removing the mod and reverting to vanilla fixes the issue entirely. 

(Side note: Neither my CPU or RAM are being used above roughly 45%. Cpu being 43% and RAM being 4gb out of 8gb. So I doubt it's memory issues..?)

I hope to hear something back on this. 

Keep up the good work!

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On 4/5/2020 at 11:16 PM, Sileo Patronus said:

Just encountered a sequence of errors.

  1. A raccoon I killed left a vanilla corpse.
  2. Carving the corpse gave bush meat instead of carnivore meat.
  3. When I tried to cook the bush meat on a firepit, the game hard crashed.

Here's the crashlog: https://pastebin.com/x4Q5z4wn

Come here to post exactly same issue, I rarely kill any raccoons, but killed one yesterday and had same crash.

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