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  1. Maybe a larger mixing bowl setup for the things you'd want to batch craft, like soft bread and such? You could make it with a barrel and it might need more mechanical power, but it'd make things with much larger input stack size, so you could throw an entire stack of flour and water in?
  2. Yeah, I can make other stuff. I made the soft dough in the first place in the mixing bowl even on the version before. I can try and make other stuff again in the new version, but the server machine is down right now so it'll be a bit before I can test, but as far as I could tell before, a lot of the recipes worked fine on the server. Put water, eggs, flour in, the handle turns just fine. Put the soft dough you get from that in with nothing else like in the screenshot and the handle refuses to turn and it doesn't recognize it.
  3. It's a lot better, but dumplings are still not working in multiplayer. I've made a fresh world on the server to make sure it wasn't something wrong with the world, but here's what it's like in single player: And multiplayer: Recipe duplication, and crash on join bugs are fixed though!
  4. Ok! Sorry for all the bug reports, what I've seen so far is pretty great. The mod rocks!
  5. In single player it works, but on the server it doesn't. I've tried reinstalling the mod server side to make sure it's not a bad download, but it still doesn't work. The game also crashes if I don't start and load a single player world first before joining the multiplayer game, so I'm worried that the map itself might be broken some how. edit: Also for some reason since the update, both single and multiplayer, the clay forming menu has 2 of every possible item listed as duplicates.
  6. Yeah, I managed to fix it pretty painlessly by just starting a single player world. It was very odd but things are working fine now. How are dumplings made? I'm putting soft dough in the mixing bowl and it's not showing up as a valid recipe? Am I missing something obvious?
  7. Got a crash on updating, not sure what happened, made sure to throw all my old pemican out before doing the update, too... Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Version: v1.14.8 (Stable)4/12/2021 7:23:24 AM: Critical error occurred System.NullReferenceException: No instance of mixing recipe registry available at ExpandedFoods.MixingRecipeRegistry.get_Loaded() at ExpandedFoods.BlockMealContainerBasePatches.recipeFix(CookingRecipe& __result, ItemStack containerStack, IWorldAccessor world, BlockCookedContainerBase __instance) at Vintagestory.GameContent.Bloc
  8. So to be safe we should destroy anything containing dumplings and despawn all the pemican manually before updating? Cause I really want to get to building that mixing bowl set up. It looks great and the game needs more mechanical power stuff.
  9. If someone is standing on the teleporter with you then they'll teleport along. You have to visit a teleporter first before it will show up in your list, so grab your friends and teleport them to your portals when you want to share.
  10. Fantastic. Also, I think that mead may not be working. IF you drink mead it will give you an unlearn point, but if you use it then it will simply reset once you back out of the skills menu.Fantastic. Also, I think that mead may not be working. IF you drink mead it will give you an unlearn point, but if you use it then it will simply reset once you back out of the skills menu. This doesn't seem to be a problem in single player, and I'm not noticing any errors or anything on the server.
  11. Just a heads up I noticed I was getting a lot of resources from bombing, so I popped into creative mode and did some 5x5 ore plots with a bomb vs mining with a pick. With a bomb I got 64 and 14 ore, with the pick I got 54. It could just be random chance making up the difference, I'd have to do it over and over to get the averages, but maybe a number is off somewhere? I have bomberman 3 and Blaster along with 2/3 ore miner.
  12. That happens with a few barrel related recipes I've found, vinegar sets it off, as does trying to make compost from poop if you have the animal husbandry mod.
  13. Can you start a whole bunch of knapping projects in an area and have it go and finish them for you while you do other stuff, or do you have to keep watching it and placing the knapping projects down one by one?
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