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  1. The repotting skill doesn't seem to work properly in multiplayer, partially grown plants will appear to drop a seed, but the seed will disappear upon being picked up, probably some client/server disagreement.
  2. I'm actually confused on how to make a bamboo barrel. I can gather that leather strips are used as the banding for them, but I can't figure out what to use as the boards equivalent. The handbook says boards, but there are no bamboo boards as far as I can tell.
  3. The mods seem to interfere with soil gravity if that is enabled. If I turn the mods off then worlds with sideways sand gravel and soil gravity work normally, but when the mods are on thern only gravel and sand have gravity.
  4. Ahh, that's fine. I'm curious then, if I've got a big field of copper in stones on the surface, does that actually indicate a deposit under them?
  5. Thanks! I've gone through the index and haven't found anything related to ore, or surface nuggets, or whatnot, so I don't think it's there. Would you mind linking the wiki page when the information is uploaded, or if it already exists, what page it is found on?
  6. Is there anywhere that lists how surface ore samples work now, I see they're different than vanilla, and in larger fields.
  7. You could make it so the item goes atop the head. Lots of cultures carry baskets and jugs up there. Maybe just if the backpack is already equipped?
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