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  1. Yes and it doesnt seem to change.. I will try it again and see what happens
  2. I am trying to figure out what is the lowest hunger rate setting for my server. I am using the /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed [0-10]. Is 0 the lowest setting? I used is but my hunger is at 132% for some reason.
  3. So I checked and 0.1 is the very best choice for maximum food freshness.
  4. So would zero work then? Or should I use 0.1?
  5. OK ty...so is 0 or 10 the highest lasting food setting?
  6. I am trying to set my /worldconfig foodspoilspeed to max setting. Is it 10 or is it 0? I tried both and it doesnt affect the food in storage. Does it take so long in game to take affect? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Is the farm size ratio for moist farm land 9 blocks with one center water block? Or is it 7 with one center water block? Not sure, thanks!
  8. So I tried it on a single player game and no go. Only after I broke the ceiling out did the crops start to grow.
  9. Can you grow crops indoors with sufficient light? I was thinking about making a multi level farm and stack a couple tiers high but only if it actually works. Can you use lanterns to make enough light or does it have to be open to sunlight? Can you get enough if you make the walls mostly glass? Anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  10. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, as well as updated to newest version and still same error. Multiplayer is fine, just can't load a single player game.
  11. Yeah I watched this one, and though it is instructional, for some reason I find something in it lacking. It's still a good video, I just am still a bit lost on the subject. Maybe I will have to make a world and switch back and forth and play with the propick to see if I can figure out how to do it. I am looking for a simple way to try to find them. Maybe should I clear the dirt away from an area to search, search an area that I can dig down through after getting decent readings, and then climb back up via dirt blocks or ladders if it did/didn't pan out? Is a 9x9 area decent to search and then dig down the middle of it? Just not sure.
  12. So I had no internet for 1.5 days due to an outage and tried to play single player mode...started loading and then got this error: something went awry, please check program log. I have no idea what that means and it has never happened before. Anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
  13. Streetwind, a video showing how to do those methods would be a huge help to most folks here. I can understand basically how to do would you showed but until I see it done I have difficulty applying it, make sense? Even if it was a short video but something that was done in survival mode would be amazing!
  14. Yeah I have sent them a message yesterday, I am just really new to all of this and was hoping someone would share their expertise, tips, etc. I have found that more times than I can count, forum members have risen up and shared what they know.
  15. OK I got the port wrong. The correct port is 28000. So here is a different question if someone could answer please? How do you set a seed to something that has all of the options you want to start out with? Like when you start a new game you can customize it with ore rareness, mob health, starting health, hunger rates, etc. On Gportal there is no customize option. So do i find a seed by trying new games until I find the one I like then use that seed?
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