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  1. So my multiplayer server just had a temp storm. Now my temp stability keeps going down. Will it eventually disperse? It is right at my home.
  2. Please do not forget that this game is still in an Apha phase and even though playable, it is still in development.
  3. Mine solved by adding several dozen more flowers nearby and that reduced it down to two days to repopulate. Just add flowers lol.
  4. I am playing on a multiplayer server. I have a garden set up with veggies. I also have a populated skep placed in the garden. I also have placed a dozen or so flowers to support the bees growth. It has since repopulated twice. I have several more skeps placed awaiting population, thinking that I would just rotate and replace skeps as I used them up collecting honey/wax. The normal wait time until the bees have swarmed is two days, but for some reason the new wait time after the third skep populated is now 2000 days. Is this a glitch or is this designed to it that way? I tried looking this up but coud not find anything that relates to this question.
  5. Don't know if I asked yet but could I please get whitelisted? Thanks in advance! EMSpara
  6. Ok looking for a recipe list that shows the ingredients. Cant seem to be able to build a slaughtering axe and for the life of me dont know what else to try, thanks!
  7. Where can I find a quick overview of how this mod works? Can't seem to find one anywhere?
  8. OK I panned 64 conglomerate gravel and this is what I got back: 48x conglomerate stone 24x native copper nuggets 20x flint 5x blue clay 4x quartz chunks 4x clear quartz chunks 3x flint arrowheads 3x copper arrowheads 2x sphalerite nuggets (zinc) 2x flint spearheads 1x copper spearhead 1x rusty gear 1x native gold nugget So as you can see, panning can really pay off even early into the game, as well as give you items you may not be able to find yet (like gold or zinc). It took about 15 minutes to pan the stack of 64. I will be panning granite gravel next and will post my findings here as well. Also, since you have to be standing in water to do the panning, I recommend making a sort of panning station in or near where you live to be able to pan without getting attacked by those pesky drifters or wolves at night!
  9. I personally have found granite, basalt and andesite, though I have as of yet to pan anything. Was going to spend a day or two panning to see what I could get per stack of 64 of a certain type and post it.
  10. EMSpara


    Yeah it doesn't specify whos it is...just reads Vintage Story Server. Look at the details and it specifies whitelisted players only, but not who owns them.
  11. Nice! Anyone else get anything good? And what type of sand/gravel have you used?
  12. Good to know, I appreciate the tip!
  13. EMSpara


    Who do I need to ask to request whitelisted permission for the story servers? Thanks in advance.
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