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Worldedit here - Minecraft Worldedit - Things that could be changed.


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Hello everybody!

This game is awesome and many features which are already included or will be in the future are helping this game to become something not only different but also better than Minecraft.

As i am an experienced Minecraft builder i am used to the usage of WE (World Edit) and i was happy to see that something similar exists in this game as well.

But my experience with these worldedit tools are a little bit problematic. (Also maybe i suggest a feature that already exists but i was just too stupid too see it. In that case SRY! :-o )

Also maybe i am just misunderstanding something. So maybe someone might explain it? :D

Of course i understand that other features have far higher priority right now so this is just a small list to reflect on my view on this world edit and maybe for changes in the finished version of the game. 



One of the many features often used by builders next to the copy-paste and rotate functions is the flip command.

Now of course there is already a flip command but it seems the only flip directions which exists at the moment is upside-down.

It obviously can be useful that way but many builders used the flip command to actually "mirror" the selection. It makes building symmetric structures so much more easier.

I have not yet seen any directions like south, north, etc... , but maybe it can be in a similar way as the "mm" command. As you can see xyz as direction. The player just has to memorize where the x or y  axis is and can go ahead and flip as long as he remembers that. The lockfly command can be used for that.



-Importing, start point, etc

Maybe this is just my own stupidity but i have a hard time to understand importing and the position on which the imported object will be placed. I even had to use the import tool to do that and had a hard time there aswell as rotating the import changes the position of the point i have to rightclick to paste it somehow. I might have found the solution on that

(my own blindness as it there is an option to select the origin point, but the default kinda changes with the rotation. This might not be a problem as i just have to select the origin manually now. So np ).

If not using the import tool i am quite confused on how the copy-paste works. Do i have to set a new start point? Where? When i just copy something and paste it right away, it appears somewhere else. As if the start point is now somewhere else. And the chaos gets even bigger if i bring rotation into discussion. Also do i have to export it first for it to work, or is it just an optional tool like schematics in the original we?

Maybe it would be better if it is done like in the original we.

If you copy something it saves the marked area and the position of the player. When you rotate the clipboard the rotation is actually depending on the players position. (rotation around the player).

Also if you know from where you copied it, it is so much easier to paste it again somewhere else. If it has to be 10 blocks to the left you just walk 10 blocks in that direction and paste it.

Of course it is kinda similar how it is done with start points. But it is straight up confusing and the fact that it seems random on where it is pasted, makes it a huge challenge to paste something. Building lines with blocks to calculate where it could be pasted this time and then adjusting it block by block is timeconsuming. So much that if its just one little wall you have to paste, you could actually build it in that time.



- //hcyl

One of the most useful but not necessarily important features is the cyl or hcyl command. It creates a cylinder (the h stands for hollow as it creates just the outer line of the cylinder) with a radius of your choice and your position as the mid point. This feature was certainly useful to mark the area necessary to build something or to display and test differen sizes so you can see how big something would be and plan more efficiently. So most of the time the hcyl command was more useful. As there is already a way to create cylinders it seems that a hollow cylinder tool would be certainly useful for bigger projects.


So this is it for now.

Thanks for reading this!

I am very sorry if some of my problems are mainly caused by my own incompetence.


Greetings from Germany,




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