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  1. You may have put the slab into the crafting window. Doing that cycles through the placement modes. Default is Auto. You put it into the crafting menu => horizontal then => vertical => auto again.
  2. Mit einem Holzeimer kann man Wasser aufnehmen und dann platzieren. In dem Fall Strg gedrückt halten um das Wasser zu platzieren. Die zweite Frage verstehe ich leider nicht ganz ;D
  3. https://www.vintagestory.at/roadmap.html/
  4. Unfortunately not I think it is for the better though. Once i will have built enough of my city i will start creating cinematics for Youtube again. I guess you will have a little bit more insight then. But it will take more than 4-5 months until that state arrived and of course it can aways be delayed and take longer than expected. My plan in the end will be to release the entire map to the public once it's completed. And to create an adventure/rpg version of it. But that is far away in the future. Right now the map itself with its 760 mb filesize does not even have more than 2700 blocks in diameter. My plans of at least 50.000 blocks at least if not 75.000 - 100.000 if you include the oceans and other continents that i am planning, it will take years to finish. I also plan to livestream once in a while where i am mainly showing the process of building and other stuff. But at the end i can never stop myself from walking and flying around the map. I hope i can remember to save some clips for you to have a look at it. I'm back on the discord too so i will probably announce and post stuff there when i'm doing it. I can definetely assure you the experience of walking at the very bottom of the map looking up at all the gigantic buildings is pretty amazing. I really hope i can share that with you all in the future in my screenshots and later in my videos once i'm at a state where it does really have its biggest effect.
  5. The Royal Palace After many delays and smaller breaks i finally can present the last huge building of the city i'm currently building. Or at least the last bigger building of the castle. Smaller than the left side of the castle but i already started to place a huge mountain range right besides it. The save file got quite big at over 760 mb filesize and i also went over the 1500 hours played mark. Next step will be the last piece of the front wall, which will finally close up the city for good. After that i will continue to finalize the city itself. Thanks for reading this! Greetings from Germany ~Chris
  6. A New Year - New Release - New Update Hi! I decided to postpone my original update wich was planned around Christmas as i was picking up in speed and productivity again. A little update has been put out to the VS Team as the Shadow update was released as well as some new pics on the blog entry about me. Some pictures should therefore not be new but i think i'll put them in anyways. I am very happy to announce that the left inner part of my castle has been finished basic structure wise and also the throne room with its amazing scale and size marks another milestone for my project! The tower that reaches maximum height on my mapsettings (1024 blocks) divides the wall and the main part of the castle that connects to the throne room part. Looking on my map as well as on these pictures, it is very easy to forget how big everything actually is. The throne rooms highest block being on 763 making it three times the height of Minecraft. And also the dimensions of the city + castle itself reached more than 2300 blocks from the most eastern to the most western placed block. The city as well as the wall still stand beautiful especially with the wonderful new shadows. What is left to say? Well, i am hyped to start right up with the next milestone. The royal palace that will be placed to the right of the throne room. The reason as why i am so motivated is that palace structures are very copy-paste intense. Which means that it will be done much faster than 300 little city houses or a huge fortress like castle. The past two months were very intense with the most progress i've ever achieved so far. I hope you like the pictures and i am sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long. I hope the next milestone will take less than a month! Thank you for reading this! Greetings from Germany ~Chris
  7. Yes, works perfectly well. It removes the part that mainly caused timeouts/crashes for me. Until now i still have to copy-paste something as big as the wall but i sure tested it. Thanks man.
  8. Thank you! Sure you can use my pictures! I would be very happy even. I will defenitely try the new screenshot feature next time. Also, the idea witth the copy pasting would be really great! I also think that most of the time the client crashed after the actual blocks were already there but it calculated the shadows. It might be worth a try! And i also think, that a feature to recalculate the lightning would be great thing anyways. With huge buildings and a lot of WorldEdit shadow bugs happen all the time. So it would be helpful for that too.
  9. Make LUXEMBRA great again! Sorry to make you all wait so long. I've been having a few breaks from the game but i always went back to it with slow progress. Right now i've been working on a part of the castle and of course i went completely crazy again, like always! Reaching up to the height of ~570 blocks, this is the biggest thing i've ever created already. I also discovered the commands to increase the viewdistance effectively which is the reason why i could even do these screenshots with so much visible. Quite the view if you are on the map because its so big already. I were also able to build the front wall and the entrance to the city as well as a second wall behind it. It looks very small in comparisation with the rest but is is actually pretty big lol Inside the city i also started to build a few towers and other buildings connected to the big castle. Its kinda lika a multiple lines of defense idea. Compared to the castle in the background and what will follow, the city looks extremely small, but you guys already know that the city itself is more than 600 -700 blocks in length and therefore is pretty big aswell. I am already excited to do my first flights through the map. The city really fits into the style i chose with the light grey stone etc. In the end i can only say that im really happy i started this project and i hope i will find more motivation and time this and next month. Also these past months had a few of the most frustrating moments of my building career. Starting from again corrupted save files (this time i had backups 6-12 hours old ones), because of random windows updates in the background that shut down my pc, an windows update that corrupted my gpu drivers, several crashes and most importantly, the burden of copy-pasting parts of the huge wall of the castle. Starting from the attempts of copy-pasting it complete (~250.000 blocks) to copy-pasting it in smaller parts and then even in 3-7 block hiigh layers (selecting the whole thing and then shrinking the size of the selected part in height so you copy paste layer after layer). It was so frustrating. Of course the game crashed under the heavy burden almost every time even when i did the layer for layer strategy which took me 2 days it still timed out. This is obviously not a big criticism toward the game because its kinda obvious it would happen, but of course it was really annoying :/. Now i even started to paint it all a little bit green and plant a lot of trees already to demontrate how well the contrast between the boring, but extremely massive looking gray buildings and the green works out. With more details put into it later it will be pretty beautiful i think. Thanks for reading this! ~ Chris
  10. Yeye i know, i know . As i said i am not really good at interior design and of course specified to medieval, i really have not much of a clue how it should look like. I just decorate them as i think it looks nice. The crates are going to be such an important block to be used in medieval city projects. They are just beautiful and fit in perfetcly. Best thing ever to introduce. I didn't yet build an entire city with interior design. It never was necessary as i mostly built lobbys or other maps that only required a good looking exterior design. Depending on how long it will take to finish the city wall and the castle i will decide how many buildings are going to be actually accessible. At least 50 percent should be in my opinion, but i will aim for most buildings possible in that time left.
  11. A small look into the future... Just a small block which i continued to build some details in. As always i have to mention as an excuse that i'm really not good at interior design so please don't be too hard on me about that Also street lanterns and ambience lighting will be added at a later point. . That's it for this update! I guess my next will be about the front wall and the main entrance to the city. Greetings from Germany ~Chris
  12. A quick update Since the team is now active again i feel like i have no choice but to update on my progress as well. As you can see on maxumim view distance, it is not possible anymore to see the entire city from one end to the other. Of course this looks very "grey" and boring right now but im still building the basic structures and soon i will progress with finishing one small block to it's final state so you guys can see how it could possibly look like in the end. The red blocks on top of the buildings are just for counting and of course as a help to quickly see which building is finished with exterior and interior design. at least 12 more "blocks" will be added until the end and of course the next agenda would be building the front city wall and the castle right after finishing the next few blocks left. I think the next update will be posted in between a week and more will come quite quickly after. Progress is slow but im still good in time for this huge project. Greetings from Germany, ~Chris PS: I love the new crates introduced with the last version. Amazing! It's gonna be so useful for decoration etc..
  13. This is quite perfect. I have not much to add there. Maybe make it a Utility and Decorative tab on step 4. It will certainly make it easier with this kind of categorization to find the blocks you need. That will suffice certainly. Of course this is just a personal opinion. I usually have a toolbar of blocks and items to use ready, so i am not very often confronted with the problem of not finding the block of choice. It will be interesting for me what other builders would have to say to this categorization. Plus, i am not the best example for a builder either. I like to start with terrain but proceed immediately with basic structures. Sometimes i even start with a building and add the rest afterwards so yeee i'm a little exception to normal logic and normal building routines. ~ Chris
  14. Hey everybody! Chris again! After a few days break i finished the basic structures of my second "block". About 45 buildings! It will be a bit easier after this because the buildings will be a bit smaller in the other "blocks". :-)
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