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We currently use clay mostly for pottery and creating buildingblocks, but clay brings also a feature that is still not used in VS. Clay is a dense material and if the layer is thick enough it becomes waterproof, so why don't make some use of it?


Suggestion: Irrigation canals for watering your fields

Basically all you need is a lane of clayblocks, a source of water, a block to control the amount of water and your hoe. You can use your hoe to turn clayblocks into irrigation canals the same way like turning dirtblocks into fields.


Suggestion: Rainwater cistern

Just like a big hopper made of clay, collecting rainwater - leading all the water into a cistern, making rain more useful for you. Maybe this is a way to enrich your haggard field with new minerals, making them fertile again.


Suggestion: Aqueducts for longrage water transport, Watermill

You found a beautiful valley for building a house and fields - and all you miss is water? - Than you need an aqueduct to fix that (if you're not willing to run around with an inventory full of buckets searching for water.) This kind of longrange waterconduit also brings you the feature to use the waters force for milling your grains, bones and other things by water-powered mill, an alternative for the windmill.

Aqueducts are nothing else but bridges. Clay lined, waterproof ones for water transport.



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