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As the title says: just some of my ideas written down.


- Smoking of meat/fish. Similarly constructed as the bloomery. 

- Fishing. 

- Fish traps. 

- Graved salmon. 

- Creating oil lamp by clicking with fat on the bowl instead of crafting it in the grid. 

 - Grinding/repairing tools. For example with grindstone, leather or on the anvil. To a certain extent until they are no longer suitable for grinding/repairing and finaly brake completely. 

- Recipes By clicking the ingredients on buckets, pots or a working surface (like a cutting board). 

- Cut into slices and top breads with, for example, jam.

- Super moon spawns monster (werewolves?)

- temporal Storm while super moon spawns even more Stronger and "stranger" monsters

- Irrigation by mechanical energy (Archimedean screw?) to fill waterchanels within the fields. This would need to overhaul the water mechanic i guess. 

- Stick "tent" for early shelter, with NO storage or fire. just to hide and sleep. Out of sticks and dry grass maybe? Simple A-frame shelter. 

- Stick wall. Very basic "defense". Decays into rotten stuff for a composter or just fall apart after a few days. 

- Reduced stability after x days of no sleep

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I think the smoking will come sometime in the future seeing as curing with salt is a thing allread. Same goes for fishing.

Graved salmon huh? well we would need some dill then. no good graved salmon without dill.

Creation process of the oil lamp is fine as it is actually. Direct placement is meant for stuff where simple crafting in your hands would be unrealistic (knapping, smithing,...) we could have both ways but that would just eat memory and add code where a bug yould hide.

i actually would prefer getting some metal scraps when a weapon/tool breaks, around half an ingot maybe? a grindstone is fine and all but we would need an reduced max durabillity effekt after using it that stacks and tools shouldn't break with 0 durabillity until it got repaired a certain amount of times.

Once there are more ingredients, I would actually be more in favor of an overhaul of the cooking system. right now ingredients are classifyed into categorys and mixing those categorys in a certain way results in a generic food item. I would prefer there beeing actual dishes you could discover through ruins, traders and actual cooking. We could also create a cooking book (papyrus?) and add that to the journal where those recipes are gathered then.

sandwiches? yes but see point above.

Stronger monsters? not without a improved battle system thanks.

Irrigation gets a yes from me, another use for windmills. but we might actually add rivers to the game first and introduce a watermill.

That "tent" sounds like a one usage one but honestly i can't see that thing protecting you from drifters so i would say no.

stickwall gets a no from me, building a wall out of logs is not that hard and sticks are a pain to get allready. Not to mention that getting enough stone to build a cobblestone wall is easy enough if you have a desert nearby or enough ruins. (cobblestone can be farmed by hand after all, so do some archeology and discover some hidden rooms!)

agree on the point of giving a malus after not sleeping for few days.

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Just thought of some other ways to make food last longer

for one there is fermentation, and one of it's products vinegar. vinegar can be used to make longer lasting food or directly in cooking as a seasoning.

Another method would be air drying or heat drying. This would work well with most fruits and some vegetables. You could also make some sort of instant soup mix with ground up dried vegetables. I guess if saturation is ever split into hunger and thirst, soups gonna be quite a good source.

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