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Less op propick mode (v1.12.9)


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Dear community
v1.12.9, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Version v1.12.9-rc.2 introduced a new propick mode that is disabled by default. It was meant to help players that don't like purely chance based mode. The second mode is now there to tell you with certainty that an ore is in the vicinity.

However, since some players suggested to turn the new ProPick Mode into more of a hot and cold game I made a poll on it on discord. You voted 124 to 10 in favor for a hot/cold mode instead, so I've changed it now ^_^

Instead of telling you the exact distance it's now being more vague about it, by telling the player how much ore it found in the vicinity. This means you'd want to find a local maxima and dig there in the vicinity. Due to that fact, I recommend setting the search radius to 8 or 10, e.g. via "/worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius 8"

If you enable it in your existing worlds with above command, remember to reload the world and/or server!

Screenshot by Kaelty

Game updates

  • Everything from the rc.1 and rc.2 releases
  • Tweak: Changed the new propick mode from showing the exact distance into a more hot/cold type of game where it shows how many blocks are in the vicinty (discord users voted 10:1 for this)
  • Tweak: Disabled /reloadmods. Needs to be properly fixed before it can be used.
  • Tweak: Breed-able creatures now show in their info hud when they are ready to mate
  • Fixed: Lantern placement oddities
  • Fixed: Player animation oddities
  • Fixed: Game crashing when selecting a tool mode when not looking at a block
  • Fixed: Savegame saving issues for worlds that are smaller than 512x512 blocks
  • Fixed: Mitigated drop downs cut off by window border in the customize world screen
  • Fixed: /player name gamemode creative throwing an exception using the german translations

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