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Healing Efficiency


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Right now the way Healing Efficiency is implemented causes a lot of micromanagement (the Barbie dressing game) - and it does not have to.

The way I understand the purpose of Healing Efficiency is that you should not be able to quickly and cheaply heal up in combat.

How I would design it:

Being in combat (getting hit or hitting other entities) creates a timed debuff that applies the Healing Efficiency.
When the timer runs out you can heal at normal efficiency.
If you do heal in combat anyway you accept the loss knowingly.

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Healing efficiency is intended to be part of the pros/cons considerations of armor, in the overall balancing of armor.  It's intended to reflect that when you're wearing heavier armor, it's harder to dress a wound.  The current gap in this system is that you can just easily remove all your armor, heal at full efficiency, and then put the armor back on again very quickly.  The complete system would have armor have a 'time to equip' mechanic going on.

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But that's exactly what I mean.

In combat it should be quite hard to "quickly undress, heal, and dress again". Making the UI "laggy" to achieve that can not be the way.

This is what my suggestion would streamline. If you hit something (or get hit) while wearing armor with a Healing Efficiency of -50%...  then you get this debuff, giving you those same -50% for say, 10 seconds or however long works - regardless of wearing armor.
Out of combat heals always work at 100% because it is assumed that you take the time to peel off that armor first.

Then gear switching can be quick and crisp but "combat heals" are done at a penalty.
Forced UI lag is still UI lag and that's never a good thing.

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I thing the healing efficiency debuff for armors is a good think, but I think it could indeed be better designed:

How about making healing, aka using bandages, take more time. Like three to four seconds. And being attacked during the healing animation cancels it. Healing in combat would be a lot more tactical and the armor healing debuff could just make the healing animation slower, in turn making it easier to get interrupted while healing. That makes the debuff only really relevant when in combat, which I feel would be a good thing.

Honestly, taking off armor should also take time and be canceled when interrupted, making mid combat armor swaps virtually impossible.

With the introduction of stamina (as a combat only resource, i.e. used for attacking/blocking and only for sprinting when stamina is not full), the speed bebuff on armor could also be changed to a max stamina debuff. This would make the debuff also only matter when in combat and not punish the player so much for wearing expansive heavy armor outside combat.

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