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Hill top town & Acid Swamp


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Inspired by the movie 'The land that time forgot', this test build was created in an early version of Vintage story, to test how much scenery can be handled by a low powered Nvidia graphics card (ie my one!). Since it was built the engine has dramatically improved, so I will get back to it at some stage in the near future.

As can be seen the hill top town is incomplete, with a few gaps here and there. As I said, I do intend to return to this scene, but with the extra intention of also creating a city that is about 20 times the size. Preliminary builds have been done of this, and the scale that it is possible to work with using the Vintage Story engine is staggering. In this early version. using an AMD E1 processor, a view distance of 660 was possible. I look forward to seeing how much more can be done now that the VS engine has been improved even further.

The land in the lowlands beyond the town is an 'Acid Swamp', which I developed when testing designs for fossilized trees.


1 Town and scwamp

2. + 3 'Acid Swap' by day and night

4. Fossilized tree before I added the extended roots and split level landscape. 

5 . Treescape with figure to show scale.






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One of my favorites! :x 

Acid swamp in night looks really captivating; lighting underneath canopy grants fossils a good deal of otherworldly feeling. Set into stone by daylight, but nightfall turns them alive again - into giant exotic plants from prehistoric age! ^_^

Looking forward to see development of this wonderful scene!  

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