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Spawn protection


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  As an admin, I have infinity, probably?

"Code": "admin",
      "Name": "Admin",
      "Description": "Has all privileges, including giving other players admin status.",
      "PrivilegeLevel": 99999,
      "DefaultSpawn": null,
      "ForcedSpawn": null,
      "Privileges": [
      "RuntimePrivileges": [],
      "DefaultGameMode": 1,
      "Color": "LightBlue",
      "LandClaimAllowance": 2147483647,
      "LandClaimMinSize": {
        "X": 5,
        "Y": 5,
        "Z": 5
      "LandClaimMaxAreas": 99999,
      "AutoGrant": true

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4 hours ago, Streetwind said:

Looks like both numbers are effectively maxed out, yeah. It should work out fine for you.

Now we need someone with wiki editing persmissions to add a blurb to that page about admin profiles...

🌸 If you write what you'd like it to say and tell me where I can add it. DM it to me💖

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