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Let there be shadows


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News for this Update, again mostly internal updates:

- Spent a lot of time stabilizing the Multithreaded systems on the client and server. Which is like balancing on a rope 😉

- Had to do some rewriting on how chunks are generating, which makes lighting easier

- Completed Sunlight calculations, which means the terrain generator finally generates shadows in caves and und overhangs again

Here's how the terrain now looks like with shadows. Some shadows are still glitchy.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/ry7Fl

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It looks great!


Quick thought on good aspects of some MC mods....unforeseen outcomes...TFC's sluice, dungeon chests,.....I can't think of any more but I hope that explains it. There is always a bit of a rush of anticipation when opening these to see what has been gained....it screams for more implementation in my opinion. It'd be cool if when you mined deposits you had "ore" that when smelted produced a random set of products based on where it was mined and its quality.

Not my best thought out post as I am out the door to work.....thanks for all your efforts.

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