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Quivers - Now with tiers!


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Hi I just made a new mod called Quivers!
It's very simple and just allows you to craft the quiver which currently does not seem craftable for some reason but after some testing it seems functional, so now with this you can make and use it!
I have changed the mod a little, it now adds the leather quiver with 12 slots AND there are now also more quivers for early and mid game.

Tiered Quivers:
Primitive Quiver - 4 slots and made from cattails, twine and a knife.
Linen Quiver - 8 slots and made the same as primitive but with linen instead of cattails.
Leather Quiver - 12 slots! Made the same as previous tiers but with leather.

Ideas and suggestions welcome. This is my first completed mod ever so while constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, be gentle ;)

Version history and downloads


 Version 0.0.1 - Initial release
Version 0.0.2


Updated for proper versioning. Items from last version are not forwards compatible but all future versions will be.
Always use latest version :)

Version 0.0.3


Added 2 new quivers, primitive and linen. Also adjusted number of slots on leather quiver to 12.
Quivers are now tiered!

Version 0.1.0


Fixed lang file


Downloads are inside the spoilers!

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Update 0.1.0 - added tags
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2 minutes ago, The_Lazy_Warlock said:

Wow, I didn't know the quiver was functional, does it only accept arrows?

Yes 10 stacks, I might make more tiers with a lower one made from linen with less slots or something. Also looking at adding some functionality to the belts.

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