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[1.12.14] Vies Blocks v0.1.0


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Vies Blocks

Current Version : v0.1.0 (VS-1.12.14)
The Vies Blocks mod adds more blocks to play with! This mod also introduces a new utility block, the "Trash Can". Items in the Trash Can stay until it is emptied. There is no retrieving discarded items!

Currently the mod contains :
- Hay Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates).
- Bamboo Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates).
- Trash Cans (Acacia, Birch, Kapok, Maple, Oak, Pine)

To use the Trash Can:

1. [Right-Click] the Trash Can and place items you want to discard in the slots. (has 4 slots)

2. Exit the GUI, then hold [Shift] + [Right Click] to empty!



- Add a new block, the "Trunk". This is a storage container with 24 slots. You can upgrade it with supports to change the look and make it 28 slots.

- Add a new block, "Painting of Memories". This is a painting with 7 variants. When you place it, sneak + right-click will scroll through each variant.

- Add more random blocks as I play on my server.

- Find a way to make the Trash Can look full when it has items in the slots.

- Have the over over tooltip with Trash Can directions displayed.


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