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How to transfer animals?


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Not currently implemented. There are three methods right now to move animals:

  • Chase animals that flee you, into a fenced area
  • Be chased by animals that fight back after you slap them, luring them into a fenced area
  • Place down throughs with feed near animals, which will cause the females to approach the troughs, letting you fence off paths you don't want them to take in the meantime

Note that method 3 works only for short distances, as animals only eat one or twice per day and wander around otherwise, so it takes a lot of time to make them move a larger distance. Furthermore, babies and males do not eat from throughs and cannot be lured by them.

There will be better animal handling methods implemented in a future update. But for now, the game is (strictly speaking) still in alpha, and you will have to forgive loose ends like this.

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