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The Hinge part - Make any block into a door (including chiseled blocks)


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What if we could use different blocks as doors?

Maybe a hinge part made with, fat, scrap metal? 

Craft a block with a hinge part up/down/left/right to make it swing on that axis.

Super fancy mode: merge two blocks as a door?

Add springs to autoclose doors.

If we could use chiseled blocks you could make some really cool doors! Also you could have hidden doors and such.

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Dittowould really love to be able to create a natural door that could be pushed open by player movement and swing shut after that could be totally invisable. Imagine a secret base in a cliff face natural doubble stone door that opens left and right simply by you walking up to it and moving against it only to smoothly close behind you as you passed through:) 

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The Minecraft mod Little Tiles has stuff like this.

I would absolutely love it if Vintage Story would adopt most of the features the microblocks of that mod have. Various options of turning them into custom storage objects, doors with varying movements, chairs, beds etc as well as using different materials within the space of a block.



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