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Dynamic Hotfix #2, Better Clay Forming (v1.4.3.2)


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Version is ready for download in the account manager.

Yet another hotfix release, sort of, since there are several bugs that disrupt the survival gameplay. Also the clay forming system is now being used for more crafts and has more sensical visual guides.

I've also finally went ahead and eliminated a bottleneck when creatures spawn or load which caused very big lag spikes on some machines. I hope you can enjoy a buttery smooth voxel exploration experience now.

Game Updates

  • 0-clayforming.png.f7841fc44abdba40fa21f2304bee11e7.pngFeature: More user friendly Clayforming visual guides
    • Voxels that need to be placed are outlined green
    • Voxels than need to be removed are outlined orange
  • Feature: Clayforming recipes update
    • The 3x3 grid recipes for ingots molds and crucibles are now gone
    • Added new clayforming recipes for: Ingot Molds, Crucibles, Planter, Flower pot, Hammer, Hoe, Shovel and Sword
  • Feature: Improved command line argument handling for the game client. Now uses a linux style convention and can now print to console. Added/replaced console options:
    • --addOrigin to tell the engine to also load assets from given location
    • -p for selecting playstyle on new worlds (1 for survival, 3 for creative)
    • -o/--openWorld for opening a world
    • --createWorld for a new named world
    • --rndWorld for a new world using numbered name
    • -c for connect (e.g. -cexample.com  or  --connect="example.com")
    • -v for version
    • -h for help
  • Tweak: Updated Ladder Model and Texture
  • Tweak: Less than half the clay usage from clay forming
  • Fixed: Eliminated a major source of lag spikes caused by entities loading/spawning
  • Fixed: Ruins generated by WorldGen sometimes not touching the ground on all 4 corners (hopefully fixed)
  • Fixed: WorldEdit Tree Tool not generating trees
  • Fixed: All toolmolds baking into the axe mold.
  • Fixed: Breaking a block below a clay form doing weird stuff.
  • Fixed: Game crashing when not selecting a clayforming recipe
  • Fixed: Jump + E causing player to jump endlessly while inventory is open
  • Fixed: Cave music track starting right after joining a world, even when on the surface
  • Fixed: Breaking charcoal piles breaking in one go and not returning enough charcoal
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking outside the list of available clayforming recipes


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@Tyron Nice Update!   That anvil mold can be a little tricky with the overhanging portions - I like it.  I noticed that when I place flowers in the planter and flower pot, it does not remove them from my inventory, but does place them in the planter/pot.  So effectively I can infinitely copy flowers in them.

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