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Advanced Movement

Omega Haxors

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Based on the Smart Moving mod from minecraft.



  • Hold space while sneaking and standing still. You can jump up to 3 times higher if you charge it all the way.
  • Double-tap A or D to use your long legs to quickly dodge 1 tile to the side, or S to move backwards
  • Grab Key: Bound to Alt. Allows you to grab onto ledges and climb over them. Can also vault over low walls.
  • Sitting is now activated by pressing grab while sneaking and standing still
  • Get up by pressing Space
  • Pressing a movement key while holding grab will allow you to crawl
  • While crawling, your hitbox is flipped, meaning you can't turn in narrow paths but you can fit in 1x1 areas
  • Hold grab while running and hit space to take a mighty leap forward. When you land, you'll be crawling
  • If you run over small loose objects or awkward terrain, you might trip and fall into the crawling position
  • Being taken down by a wolf or hit by a large object may send you backwards
  • This will also happen if you trip over a small loose object or awkward terrain while moving backwards
  • When this happens, you can use A/D to roll onto your belly to go into crawling
  • Holding W allows you to use your weapon in this pose, and if you're not too heavy, space lets you get up
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