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  1. Stange, for me it's enough to use console command for reload world (much faster than close world and load it again). M.b. you have some OS permission problems?
  2. VS 1.13.4 I dunno can you solve it or not, but results shows on map only after reload world.
  3. Also you can install mod for bush meat cooking.
  4. M.b. using a Forge instead a firepit? Also, how about create full ferrous metallurgy with some eras? For example: 1. Bloomery era -> weak iron, worse than bronze, bellows for bloomery and forge. 2. "Triple Treat" Era -> carbonizing, hardening, temper. Still iron, but slightly better than bronze. This "three treats" can and must be used for any other types of iron and steel. 3. "Stuckofen" era -> iron+pig iron (mostly useless in this era, but can be casted into some useful). Stuckofen demans mechanical power for operations. 4. "Blauofen" era -> more steel-i
  5. Then i try to travel long from my home i get this message and can't go further. After some tests it looks like something broken in this place. Map was updated from 1.12. Modlist: https://funkyimg.com/i/37gEF.png (it occurs after disabling all mod too) Savegame: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FnHgYMzZLB30ymTx2ac8s4CYwDNe8n2w/view?usp=sharing (i never shing file through googledocs, say if get trouble with downloading) Walk south and it occurs. This are all files i "logs" folder. server-main.txt client-chat.txt client-crash.txt client-debug.txt client-main.txt se
  6. But which meal is "tasty"? For example i dislike mushrooms, must we tag all meals with it as "nontasty"?
  7. 1. Yes, long night sometimes becomes annoying 2. Night not very hard to play as you think. It not as simple as under daylight, but after TFC with it's zombie hordes and "hide until dawn or die" VC's night is very nice and peacefully.
  8. Still more grind. it's good and better than now mechanic, but do not pretend that it reduce grind.
  9. There is no many differences between one type click mining and five type click mining after 1000 blocks. But 5000 clicks still more grind than 1000 clicks.
  10. Right now claypot has narrow and low flexible recipe list. Think it be better if current recipes will replace with next system: 1. All recipes needs at least two ingredients from any edible ingredients and water. 2. Ingredients from first slot specifies type of meal: Meat - Roast Vegetables - Stew Water - Soup Grain - Porridge Fruit - Dessert Honey - Jam 3. Secondary ingredients may be any, even if result will be crazy like jam with wolf meat or turnip stew with honey, cranberry and cattail roots. And pure water soup of course. Well, this can be fi
  11. Reduce grind -> Increase grind. Because you still need break many stones, but an every stone block will needs more actions to break.
  12. I say about this mechanics. Collapse, not torch-exploit.
  13. For me VS is a standalone and very optimised TFC (enough reason to buy for me). And i like TFC together with Smart Moving mod. In other words, i want to see such things like crawling, climbing and charged jumps (needs time to charge, but you can jump one block higher). P.S. Cave/Shaft collapsion will good too if not implemented yet.
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