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  1. Ok, i check it when return at home, but all works fine since LWT, so i do not any changes into recipe.
  2. Microupdate. Increased stack size of ash for lye crearting convenience.
  3. What i doing wrong? Fat, Aged Redmeat Nuggets and Salt (without salt not works too).
  4. I have many mods and my graph have many "spikes". M.b. i'm wrong.
  5. I think hooks for jerky, not aging. Well, seems i need to dig another storage room in my cave mansion, for mass aging.
  6. I'm not very sure, but seems 1.0.6 was faster and not caused fps drop after climbing as 1.0.7 do.
  7. Single, usually i use ctrl+F1 for restore fps.
  8. Strange, but metalworking start to gain exp. I realy hate such "floating" bugs. M.b. it's same problem as with luminiferous skill.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16CoMbZ267yDRWdSYrF4t0Bu-AiysXYBi/view?usp=sharing - hope it will work.
  10. Also found another strange bug: if you leave world, then Luminiferous skill stop working until full restart game.
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IC-bPwHnp0qg8pHvLwbLlajRkR69OxKA - saved game and logs. (i added some levels through console command)
  12. Which version you use? Seems trouble starts from version with Harmony framework used. I also post problem into AMR topic, m.b. it's autor can find something.
  13. I dunno, with "Huge Stomach" from XSkills 2.8k saturation are not so huge.
  14. Found it, Anvil Metal Recovery. It's permanently freezing metalworking exp in world even if you disable mod lately.
  15. Very small? Without it crawling whole have very small uses.
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